Punch Needle Rug Hooking - Your Complete Resource to Learn and Love the Craft Rug Making Book

Author: Amy Oxford
208 pgs. (hard, color)
ISBN number:9780764360152

The queen of the craft Amy Oxford offers to beginners and advanced crafters alike a one-stop resource! This is the guide you’ll keep at your fingertips while you learn, and throughout your punch needle adventures for years to come. Enjoy Amy’s amazingly effective instruction, tips, inspiration, and in-depth info about every aspect of enjoying punch needle rug hooking. Create her colorful contemporary pomegranate project and gingko project, and learn to skillfully turn your work into long-lasting treasures like wall hangings, chair pads, rugs, cushions, stair runners, and whatever else your imagination can dream up. Enrich your work with fascinating info on things the other books don’t include: the top secrets about the craft that beginners need, and careful step by step photo instructions for doing it right—from choosing your first project’s materials, to creating a lovely result the first time, finishing techniques, mounting, adding complexity, and making your own designs. Enjoy the history of the craft of rug punching, gorgeous photos of works by today’s biggest names, fun interviews with top makers, how to handle the unexpected, and much more.

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