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Latch Hooks, Locker Hooks And Shirret. Rug Making Equipment

Shirren Rug Hook with Instructions

A Shirren (or Shirrét) rug hook and basic instructions for making shirred rugs. Shirred rugs are di... →more
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Shirret Everything Kit - The original and authentic tools.

Our favorite Shirret tool kit comes with hook, fabric marking pencil, cutting gauge, crochet directions, ca... →more
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Straight Latch Hook

Our latch hooks are simple, sturdy and economical. Straight or bent?... it's up to you. 6 1/2" lo... →more
68540040 • $3.25 • in-stock

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Bent Latch Hook

Our latch hooks are simple, sturdy and economical with an ergonomic wooden handle.6 1/2" long.... →more
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Locker Hook

Locker hooking is a fast, easy and economical way to create rugs and wall hangings using a special tool th... →more
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