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Eight Shafts: A Place to Begin Weaving Book

Author: Wanda Shelp, Carolyn Wostenberg
189 pgs.(h’cover, b&w)
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This book is to eight shaft weaving what Marguerite Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book is to four shaft weaving – simply fantastic. It's a helpful book that allows the weaver to "look at a picture, thread the loom and weave." It is the book Wanda Shelp says she wanted to find when she bought her first 8-harness loom. She couldn't find it, so she wrote it. Twill patterns predominate (straight, point, extended, broken, etc.), but crackle, lace and colonial designs are also included. Tie-ups are written for rising shed looms. The cover is not inspiring but 8-shaft weavers hungry for excellent information will find this invaluable.

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