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Weaving Patterns

Aurora Borealis Rug - Halcyon Classic Rug Wool

The Aurora Borealis Krokbrad is fun to weave because of the exciting color interplay. The flow of colors qu... →more
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Ruby Ladders Rug - Halcyon Deco Rug Wool

A heavy yarn like our Deco, sett at ten ends per inch and a simple repeat threaded on two shafts make the Ru... →more
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Northern Colors Bound Weave - Halcyon Geo Rug Wool

Create beautiful wall hangings or small area rugs with this elegant bound weave pattern. Different trim trea... →more
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Serendipity Woven Scarf Pattern

Zephyr Wool/Silk is paired with the beautifully variegated Malabrigo Lace in this warm, lightweight woven sc... →more
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