2/30 Natural Silk Yarn

Yarn line #142

  • Pricing ~1 lb: wt., price +/- 30%:
  • Volume discounts apply
  • mix colors for discounts!
  • $113.00, 1+
  • • $99.00, 2+
  • • $85.00, 5+
  • Pricing 450 yd mini cone:
  • Volume discounts apply
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  • $12.50, 1+
  • • $11.50, 8+
  • Pricing 3.5 oz hank:
  • Volume discounts apply
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  • $28.00, 1+
  • • $24.95, 5+
  • • $21.00, 15+

2/30 Natural Silk Yarn details:
Fiber content: 100% silk. Yardage: 7500 yards/lb. ( 7500 yards/~1 lb: wt., price +/- 30%. 450 yards/450 yd mini cone. 1560 yards/3.5 oz hank. ) Lace yarn, standard yarn weight 0. Wraps/inch (wpi) 50. Weaving tabby sett 28. Weaving twill sett 35.

2/30 Natural Silk Yarn description:

Silk yarn's natural luster is brought out anew with each washing. It is the strongest of all the natural fibers by weight, and its ability to "breathe"; in clothing fabric - to keep you warm when it's cold, cool when it's warm - is unrivaled.

Whatever you make with silk will be very special indeed, treasured for a long time to come.

Keep in mind when using silk that it has almost no elasticity and minimal shrinkage. It will not full or "bloom" in finishing. In weaving, your warp sett should reflect this and be closer than for wool. Blend with worsted wools, such as Merinos. In knitting the luster is lovely, but the inelasticity can be a challenge. To control the trait, choose textured stitches, and patterns which feature hems, picot or crocheted edges rather than ribs. Natural silks are ideal for dyeing with Country Classic or Wash-fast Acid Dyes.

Care - Finish by dry cleaning or hand washing and, if desired, pressing while barely damp.

Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Silks Pure & Natural Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


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