Pulled Sari Silk Fiber, 1/4 lb bag

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Pulled Sari Silk Fiber, 1/4 lb bag details:
• Fiber content: Silk

Pulled Sari Silk Fiber, 1/4 lb bag description:

Imagine the mystery and exotic glamour of Indian saris in the glowing iridescence you bring to your spinning, felting... and paper making (and possibly your knitting and weaving) with Sari Silk Fiber. It is an ultimate luxury in reuse/recycle and all things good because the fiber is "reclaimed" from pre production waste. These gossamer webs of color and beauty are just waiting for your imagination to bring them to life.

Loose fiber is packaged in a rainbow hued assortment of glowing color from which you can pull out and select color ranges, or blend or card with your own fine fibers to create a yarn of unmistakable beauty and character.

Sold by the bag, 1/4 lb. ea.