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Demi-Carded Silk Bundles

Fiber line #351


Demi-Carded Silk Bundles description:

Straight from the land of beautiful silk saris comes our demi-carded silk "opener batts" in two jewel tones and fun-to-dye-it-yourself white. Ready for carding and blending to create unique hand spun art yarns. Take advantage of the lustrous colors or dye your own. Fiber is similar in texture to silk noil yet has a softer hand.

Perfect for creative uses in felting to achieve visual and textural interest. Create a masterpiece by taking advantage of long strips of vibrant colored fiber to highlight your wet felted projects. Silk bundles are approximately 5-6 ounces. Available in 3 shades. White - 1, Rose/Antique Gold - 2, Turquoise/Blue/Green - 3

  • Pricing Approx. 5 oz bundle:
  • Mix colors for discounts.
  • $37.50, 1+
  • • $33.00, 5.00+
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Demi-Carded Silk Bundles details:
• Fiber content: Silk

Color: 0010
vendor color: white
Fiber 35100100  color 0010
Stock: 5
BO unavail.

Color: 0020
vendor color: rosegold
Fiber 35100200  color 0020
Stock: 7
BO unavail.

Color: 0030
vendor color: bluegreen
Fiber 35100300  color 0030
Stock: 8
BO unavail.