Bleached Flax Roving

Fiber line #385

Color: 0000
vendor color: T 152
Fiber 3850000L  color 0000
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Bleached Flax Roving details:
• Fiber content: Linen

Bleached Flax Roving description:

Flax top is a combed fiber preparation prepared from flax towthe short fibers (2-4) that remain in the hackles after preparing the line. Flax top is easy to spin and does not require a distaff. Linen yarn spun from flax top is great to use as a weft in weaving or for knitting. The inherent luster of the linen yarn is due to the wax content of the flax fibers. Wet spinning will create a smoother, stronger yarn. Flax top is available in natural and bleached white.


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