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New PLY Magazine – Summer 2018

Kicking off their 6th year of publication, [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] is all about spinning with flyer-led wheels. From super fine to thick and thin yarn, everything is possible with a flyer-led system. As usual, this issue’s contributors have answered just about every question you can ask on the subject, as well as some that you might not have thought of. With tips and tricks, fascinating articles and engaging art, this is another indispensable issue to add to your PLY collection.  Read on for a peek inside!


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Features from this issue:
• Wheelspotting: The Flyer-led system, by Stephenie Gaustad
• Getting to Know the Flyer-led Wheel, by Janet Deutmeyer
• Love Your Scotch Brake: Adjusted just for you, by Patsy Sue Zawistoski
• Can I eSpin That Yarn?, by Mary Berry
• Treadle: One or Two?, by Stephenie Gaustad
• World Peace and the Yarn You Want, by Jillian Moreno
• Fiber Across the Wheel, by Amy Ross Manko
• Band Practice (With a Varety of Material), by Kathy Sparks
• Trifecta, by Kara Perpelitz


For her woven Stole My Heart Wrap, Susan Fricks combined cotton and silk for an intentionally easy yet beautiful yarn that allows for multi-seasonal wear. After spinning each fiber into singles, Fricks plied the two together and wove this beautiful stole:

If you want to try this at home, you’ll need 3 ounces of [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] and 6 ounces of Cultivated Silk Top Fiber.
Size: 16″ x 80″, plus fringe
Sett: 10 EPI
Materials: Approximately 1,100 yards 2-ply cotton/silk handspun
4-harness loom with a weaving width of at least 20″
10-dent reed


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 [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
Cultivated Silk Top Fiber Cultivated Silk Top Fiber

Look at how fine that yarn is!  You too can spin like that on your flyer-led wheel – just follow the advice of Beth Smith! In her Spin It projects, Flyer-led Fine Yarn, Smith provides a very helpful closer look at your flyer-led system and describes how to tweak your setup in very approachable ways in order to spin just the yarn you want.


This lovely Bogue Banks Beach Tote is crocheted with a handspun blend of linen, nylon, rayon and viscose for a sturdy but beautiful finish and fast drying abilities. Creator Melissa Yoder Ricks offers helpful tips on spinning with linen blends and makes the spinning of this lovely yarn sound simple.
Materials: 600 yards sport/DK weight 2-ply
Size US G crochet hook
Gauge: 16 sts to 4″ over single crochet using size US G crochet hook


Bamboo Top Fiber Bamboo Top Fiber
Bleached Flax Roving Fiber Bleached Flax Roving Fiber
Rayon Top Fiber Rayon Top Fiber

Each article in this delightful magazine is approachable enough for novice spinners to understand, while also offering plenty of helpful advice for those more experienced in the craft. Projects to weave, knit and crochet offer the perfect application for the tips and techniques learned in every issue of PLY Magazine – and the [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] issue is no exception. Pick up your copy now!


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