Wool Journey: Shetland Knitting Book

Author: Pom Pom Press
65 pgs. (paper, color)
ISBN number:9780993486654

Wool Journey: Shetland is Published by Pom Pom Press and presents the adventures of Jaime and Amber of Fancy Tiger Crafts, Malia Mae Joseph and Stephen West of Stephen & Penelope, along with Ysolda Teague. This group of yarn loving, knitting-aficionado friends took a trip to Shetland, and brought back a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.

Out of this woolly adventure came a beautiful book that explores the knitting community and culture from the Shetland Islands. It’s part travel guide, part travel book, and features 5 accessory knitting patterns inspired by and knit in Shetland yarns.

Ravelry download code included for patterns

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