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New book from Pom Pom Press – Wool Journey

Wool Journey

What do you get when you send some of the most well known faces in knitwear to one of the most well known places in knitting history?  Why, Wool Journey: Shetland, of course!


Wool Journey: Shetland  Wool Journey: Shetland

The Shetland Islands, located off the coast of Scotland, are known the world over for their knitting traditions. These techniques for colorwork and lace are still evident in today’s knitting world, and designers are still enthralled. This beautifully illustrated and photographed book describes that rich history, as well as giving a few travel tips to those lucky enough to make the journey themselves.

Fair Isle knitting comes from an island of the same name, located halfway between the Shetland and Orkney islands. This type of knitting is traditionally done with fingering weight yarn, and uses multiple colors to create an intricate fabric.

Hellik shawl by Stephen West

There are five patterns in this book, each inspired by the beauty and history of Shetland. Shawls with somewhat simple, elegantly placed lace will make you want to find the wooliest of wool (like JaggerSpun Heather 2/8 Yarn) to make your own rustic wrap – soft as can be for warm fuzzy comfort. A cleverly colorworked hat encourages color exploration, and the Hellik shawl shown above takes that experimentation one step further with the use of multiple yarns, in multiple colors.

Meadowsweet shawl by Amber Platzer Corcoran


JaggerSpun Heather 2/8 Yarn JaggerSpun Heather 2/8 Yarn

Wool Journey: Shetland is a very accurately described ‘Knitter’s Travel Guide’. This collectable book teaches you about the area and its traditions, and helps inspire you to make some projects of your own. Oh, and although the book includes the patterns for the projects shown, it also has a code so you can download them on Ravelry as well. That’s especially great for when you’re away from home (say somewhere off the coast of Scotland, maybe?) and find yourself ready to start working on the next thing. This is a lovely little book, and I look forward to seeing more like it!


Wool Journey: Shetland  Wool Journey: Shetland



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