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Row Counters. Knitting Equipment

Barrel Row Counter

Designed to fit any straight needle up to size 10 1/2. Also works on circular needles when knitting back an... →more
7000070B • $4.95 • in-stock

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Ring Barrel-type Row Counter

Designed to fit circular needles up to size 15. Doubles as beginning of row stitch marker too. Colors va... →more
7000071B • $4.50 • in-stock

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Push-Button Row Counter - Kacha

This isn't really just for knitters. Think of how many other uses you could have in weaving and cr... →more
7000090B • $8.95 • in-stock

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Mini Kacha Knitting Row Counter

Perfect for your little knitting bag carrying that little knitting project. And cute as a little bug. At ju... →more
7000091B • $10.50 • in-stock

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