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Yarn Management: Winding Stations And Yarn Holders. Multi-craft Equipment

Ashford Yarn Stand for 6 Spools - Lacquered

Wind your warps without fuss on this handy six-cone standSmooth yarn guides ensure tangle and snag-free... →more
68900130 • $135.00 • in-stock

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Leclerc Doubling Stand

Leclerc's doubling stand is most often used for twisting two or three yarns together before weaving or... →more
61030100 • $73.00 • in-stock

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Leclerc Holds-All Winding Station

Here is a way to keep tools neatly arranged while you weave. This Holds-All can hold multiple accessories an... →more
62638010 • $455.00 • oversize

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Leclerc 8-Peg Cone and Tube Holder

Thread guides mounted over the pegs on Leclerc’s 8 peg cone and tube holder help threads feed off sm... →more
62636110 • $172.00 • in-stock

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Harrisville 4-Peg Cone Holder

Harrisville's cone holder is our most economical, and it's convenient for small st... →more
66040000 • $35.00 • in-stock

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Wrist Yarn Holder

Knit, crochet or tat on the go with the wrist yarn holder! Your yarn ball doesn't have to bounce ar... →more
7750000H • $8.50

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