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Multi-craft Yarn

Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn

Homestead Cotton is one of our most versatile yarns. It has a great color range, an earthy texture and it... →more
1520050L • $31.00

Juniper Moon Farm Patagonia Organic Merino

Juniper Moon Farm’s Patagonia Organic Merino is a rustic, woolen-spun DK weight yarn. Lofty, squishy, an... →more
16801160 • $15.95

Ella Rae Seasons Yarn

Season’s chain construction makes it a light and lofty yarn that is great for soft, cuddly projects. It wo... →more
03802700 • $7.95

8/2 Cottolin Organic Yarn

This yarn is made from an organic cotton and linen blend and is fabulous in kitchen and table linens, su... →more
03401010 • $19.00

Halcyon Yarn Rug Wool

Our rug yarn stands the test of time: Halcyon Yarn Signature Classic Rug Wool is a sturdy, beautiful and ve... →more
00110700 • $14.95

3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn

Pearl Cotton has to be one of the most versatile yarns we sell. It can be used for household projects: ta... →more
0821020M • $12.95

Louisa Harding Amitola Grande

A luxurious single ply blend of wool and silk in a heavier worsted weight, suitable for some light bulky we... →more
16005440 • $25.00

5/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn

Pearl Cotton has to be one of the most versatile yarns we sell. It Can be used for household projects: ta... →more
0831620M • $12.95

Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Alpaca

Juniper Moon Farm's Herriot is a decadently soft DK weight yarn made out of 100% pure extrafine baby al... →more
18110040 • $21.95

Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4

This warp yarn has a matte surface that produces a more rustic, country look than Pearl Cotton
• ... →more
06013400 • $11.00

Happy Feet Sock Yarn

Happy Feet Sock Yarn is the perfect blend of soft superwash Merino wool and just a little bit of Nylon for ex... →more
07501070 • $18.00

Lamb's Pride Worsted Yarn

A favorite of both crocheters and knitters, Lamb's Pride Worsted is also wonderful for projects that yo... →more
12209300 • $13.25

JaggerSpun Heather 2/8

JaggerSpun Heather is a top-dyed worsted spun wool yarn. The heather effect is created by blending to... →more
0240150L • $51.00

Plymouth Encore Worsted Yarn

For years we resisted yarn with acrylic content because frankly it just didn't look nice or feel go... →more
25905200 • $6.95


Ella Rae Chunky Merino Superwash

Ella Rae Chunky Merino Superwash is the perfect go-to yarn for any bulky weight project. This machine wa... →more
26200130 • Sale $11.25

Acadia by The Fibre Company

Acadia yarn from The Fibre Company is an elegantly crafted 2-ply with a subtle tweed effect and colors th... →more
21000700 • $15.95

Kureyon by Noro

Kureyon has the look and beauty of nubby, blended, handspun yarn at a very resonable price. The fabulous co... →more
09210200 • $11.00

Plymouth Gina

Do you love Kureyon and long for more colors at an especially affordable price? Give Plymouth GINA a try! Th... →more
16101200 • $6.95

Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash Yarn

Plymouth's Superwash Worsted Merino yarn is simply "right" for any project calling for a wo... →more
21608000 • $16.00

Ushya Yarn by Mirasol

Ushya is a light, soft, bulky chainette merino wool blend. The chain construction serves to keep this yarn fe... →more
28317040 • $23.00

Victorian Bouclé Mohair Yarn

Halcyon Yarn's Signature Victorian Bouclé is a luxurious mohair and wool blend made from the same fi... →more
16310600 • $14.95

Caterpillar Cotton by Ashford

Soft and cheerful, Ashford's Caterpillar Cotton is a variegated 100% unmercerized cotton with a sl... →more
0870403C • $36.00

Malabrigo Sock Yarn

Malabrigo Sock is a soft, plied, lightweight superwash merino wool yarn. This yarn comes in a lovely pa... →more
18808550 • $20.00

Harrisville Shetland Yarn - Unwashed Cones

Great yarn for lightweight blankets and Shetland style sweaters. Harrisville Shetland is available in a wi... →more
0094080C • $24.00

Malabrigo Merino Worsted Wool Yarn

This wonderfully soft single-ply extra-fine Merino yarn is produced in Uruguay by a small family-owned co... →more
24502800 • $13.00

Plymouth Gina Chunky

Gina Chunky is a bulky weight variegated yarn by Plymouth. This 100% wool yarn features beautifully bl... →more
17010900 • $13.25

Malabrigo Rasta

Super bulky, kettled dyed Rasta is 100% super soft, smooshy goodness. If only you could reach through the sc... →more
15088400 • $23.00

10/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn

Pearl Cotton has to be one of the most versatile yarns we sell. It can be used for household projects: ta... →more
0841670L • $42.00

Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine

Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine is a silky soft, luminous single-ply blend of wool, alpaca and silk. Th... →more
17903800 • $22.00

2/12 Gemstone Silk Yarn

Halcyon Yarn's Gemstone Silks are simply the highest quality silks for weaving or knitting. Our silks ar... →more
1581130S • $37.95

Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool Yarn

Jo Sharp's Classic DK Wool is spun from premium grade, extra long fibres, this wool yarn is a pl... →more
29108030 • $7.95

Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine Yarn

Luscious baby alpaca gives Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine a deliciously soft hand while a bit of nylon ad... →more
17720100 • $21.95

Malabrigo Mecha

Everything you love about Malabrigo, in a superwash bulky yarn. Brilliant colors, soft luxurious hand, and al... →more
14387900 • $16.00

Bamboo Bloom Handpaints

Thick and thin, Bamboo Bloom Handpaints combines loosely spun bursts of lofty wool with longer intervals of... →more
22703130 • $12.50

Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair Yarn

Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair is exquisite and luxurious. Feather light and made from the finest of Kid Mo... →more
29506180 • $10.85

White Worsted Wool Warp(s)

Our 100% Worsted Wool Warp is available in 2, 3, and 4 ply styles. This smooth worsted wool is supple and ve... →more
1150020M • $25.00

Victorian 2-Ply Wool Yarn

Halcyon Yarn’s Signature Victorian 2-Ply Wool is a versatile, simple sport weight yarn excellent for ha... →more
16214100 • $13.95

Inca Organic Cotton

Inca Organic Cotton is a beautiful, smooth thick-and-thin plied 100% organic cotton yarn. You'll love dy... →more
04500000 • $24.00

Great Adirondack Galloway

Wonderfully soft 100% merino hand-dyed 2-ply yarn in an aran to light bulky weight. The thick-thin yarn pl... →more
04400010 • $27.00