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For a good time: Ashford Blending Board

Feel like a kid again with the Ashford Blending Board. As an adult it’s rare to experience the same excitement a child feels Christmas morning unwrapping a highly coveted gift, diving right in, playing with it all day long. Well, if you’re a spinner or a felter Ashford’s Blending Board will transport you back in time to your days of youth. You’ll definitely want this on your wish list or treat yourself right now and get ready to play. That’s right, play with color, play with texture, experiment to your heart’s content. The Ashford Fiber Bag is the perfect palette for color play. Take a peak at Ashford’s video to see just how the Blending Board works.


Ashford Blending Board  Ashford Blending Board
Ashford Fiber Bag  Ashford Fiber Bag

Although I’m a spinner and can see the fun and funky possibilities of creating amazing rolags that spin into magical yarn, I must admit it’s the felter inside of me who becomes most excited thinking of how I might use the Blending Board. As an individual who often brings the world of fiber into classrooms (and loves seeing the kids’ enthusiasm for this world), I can see the kids “painting” with wool on the Blending Board, then turning their “painting” into pre-felt and finally using these amazing pre-felts to create a felted mural. Oh the possibilities! My mind is racing.

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