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Celebrating Bartlettyarns – A great Maine business


Bartlettyarns have been a local favorite since, well, forever! Working with local fleeces and fibers, and operating the oldest mule spun woolen mill in the USA, there is a ton of history and tradition at Bartlettyarns. For those who appreciate a hand-spun look, these mule spun yarns are as close as you’ll get from a mill, and you’ll only find them from Bartlettyarns. In mule spinning, the bobbins slide back and forth across the mill floor as they’re spun, traveling a 6 foot span, and replicating the motion of a hand spinner at their wheel.

According to a great article in the Central Maine Kennebec Journal, Bartlettyarns is a finalist for a Department of Agriculture grant to upgrade their wool baler, which will help them to increase capacity (a great problem to have!). With the decades (and centuries!) passing, some things do need upgrading, and we’re crossing our fingers for Bartlettyarn.

One of the main reasons we love Bartlettyarns? Co-owner Lindsey Rice said it best in speaking with the Kennebec Journal:

“We specialize in making knitting yarn,” Rice said. “We don’t deal with any big box stores. Everything that we do goes to local yarn shops where they’re working with that local hand knitter. We’re still working directly with the consumer and the farmer.”

This short farm-to-fiber-artist process ensures some great yarns. And we can testify to the warm relationship they have with fiber artists; each time we visit it’s like stepping back in time to when mills and yarn werre a bigger part of our region, and it’s always a treat. We’re proud to offer Bartlettyarns Maine Wool Yarn and Bartlettyarns Maine Wool - Sport Yarn.


Bartlettyarns Maine Wool Yarn Bartlettyarns Maine Wool Yarn
Bartlettyarns Maine Wool - Sport Yarn Bartlettyarns Maine Wool - Sport Yarn


Above, the Bartlettyarns isle at Halcyon Yarn. Almost looking like handspun? That’s the mule spun magic. We have a pretty great selection of colors in stock. Just a warning though, until their new baler is in place, backorders from Bartlettyarns are running a bit long.

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  1. E. Stevens says:

    I knit Robin Hansen’s traditional Maine mitten patterns from her books “Fox & Geese & Fences” and “Flying Geese & Partridge Feet” in the Maine wool yarn. This is the yarn she uses and it makes a wonderfully dense, incredibly warm mitten when used for double knitting. These are my go-to mittens whenever the temperature is extra cold or when doing anything that gets your hands wet, they just get warmer when damp! Love them!!!

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