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Cozy Fall Favorites

Ready for fall? Knit or weave these favorite projects now – and be ready by the time the temperature drops!

Boucle Cocoon Vest

Cocoon Boucle Mohair Knitted Vest

Knit in Mohair Boucle and 2-ply Wool for a luxurious and extra-warm winter layer. This unique vest is constructed all in one piece, with incorporated i-cord edges and minimal seaming. One size fits many. The easy shape of this vest allows it to be be worn many different ways, on many different body types.


Boucle Cocoon Vest - Knitting Pattern Download  Boucle Cocoon Vest - Knitting Pattern Download
Boucle Cocoon Vest - Knitting Pattern Download  Boucle Cocoon Vest - Knitting Pattern Download

Chain Reaction Woven Scarf

Chain Reaction Woven Scarf

A beautifully simple woven scarf in a luxurious alpaca blend. Suitable for a rigid heddle or floor loom, with a unique raised braid design. Warm, soft and elegant, this scarf is easy enough for a beginner and will look great all winter long. Requires a weaving width of at least 14” inches and a reed capable of 12 EPI.


Chain Reaction Woven Scarf Pattern  Chain Reaction Woven Scarf Pattern
Chain Reaction Woven Scarf Pattern Download  Chain Reaction Woven Scarf Pattern Download

Hootenanny Sweater

Hootenanny Sweater in American Romeny wool.
Hootenanny Sweater in Heirloom Romney

Heirloom Romney Yarn really stands out from this crowd with its super loftiness and beautiful heathered color palette. Made in the USA from 100% American Romney wool, this delightful yarn inspired us to create a simple, everyday sweater with colorwork even beginners can get into: The Hootenanny Pullover.


Heirloom Romney Yarn Heirloom Romney Yarn
Hootenanny  Hootenanny
Hootenanny - Pattern Download  Hootenanny - Pattern Download

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