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Felting Tiles from Wrinkle in Thyme Farm

Ready to try your hand a needle felting, or looking for fun new designs? You’ll be delighted by the Thyme Tile Felting Kits! Made here in Maine at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm, these charming designs are inspired by life on the land. Fun, affordable and fast-to-make, each Thyme Tile makes a square approximately 5″ x 5″ and includes the design and wool you’ll need to create the flat “painting style” image.

Thyme Tiles are an easy way to learn needle felting and the projects are appropriate for beginner and experienced felters alike. Each kit includes instructions, a hand drawn pattern on 100% wool felt, and all the unspun wool roving needed to complete a 5 x 5” nature-inspired design. Each finished piece can be used as a wall hanging, a coaster, a framed piece of art, or as a pocket or accent on a bag, and they make charming gifts!

Please note: Some kits include all the tools needed, while others are materials only. Please let us know if you need help selecting needle felting tools for this or any felting project!

Thyme Tiles are a good project for children ages ten and up, with supervision, as the needles are very sharp.


Pig Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Pig Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Sheep Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Sheep Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Maine Moose Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Maine Moose Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Lobster Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Lobster Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Cardinal Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Cardinal Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Chickadee Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Chickadee Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Lighthouse Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Lighthouse Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Sunflower Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Sunflower Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Hummingbird Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Hummingbird Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Two Loons Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Two Loons Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Spring Violets Tile Felting Kit (tools included)  Spring Violets Tile Felting Kit (tools included)
Dragon Tile Felting Kit  Dragon Tile Felting Kit
Pig Tile Felting Kit  Pig Tile Felting Kit
Pumpkin Tile Felting Kit   Pumpkin Tile Felting Kit
Bumble Bee Tile Felting Kit  Bumble Bee Tile Felting Kit
Charlie Dog Tile Felting Kit  Charlie Dog Tile Felting Kit

Want to learn right from the designer? If you’re in the Bath, Maine area or looking for a reason to visit, please join us at Halcyon Yarn for a needle felted Thyme Tile Class. Taught by Marty Elkin of A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm this fun Saturday afternoon “make-it, take-it” class will give you the skills you need to make a Thyme Tile of your choice as well as the confidence to create your own designs. Only $45, materials included. Hope you can join us!

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