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Handwoven is Hygge for March/April 2017

This Hygge themed Handwoven is loaded with Scandanavian comfort and cheer!

The latest issue, [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] , offers a great collection of projects as well as articles and how-to’s that will get you geared up for cheerful spring weaving, even while the weather is still calling for coziness… Here are a few of our favorites:


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Detail from Suzie Liles’ Sunny Swedish Towels.

Shown in cottolin and using a 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn for the colorful inlays. Woven on a 4-shaft loom, these towels are featured in Madelyn van der Hoogt’s article on the Half Dukagång draft. Learn this wonderful technique for making “pictures” with incredible details.


3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn

Tom Kniseley’s inspirational boundweave selvedges.

In “Notes From the Fell: Savvy Selvedges for Boundweave” Tom Kniseley provides careful descriptions of how the selvedges work in boundweave pieces, including krokbragd. He includes helpful tips for using a metal temple to achieve excellent results in this tricky technique. Try our 12"16" Metal Temple, available in several sizes, for great selvedges. Try your hand at these boundweave techniques with the Northern Colors Bound Weave - Pattern download, and our Northern Colors Weft Packs in Halcyon’s Rug Wool.


12"16" Metal Temple  12"16" Metal Temple
Northern Colors Bound Weave - Pattern download  Northern Colors Bound Weave - Pattern download


These Swedish Pockets and Baltic Bands were woven by Joanne Hall and Alison Irwin, respectively.

What great small projects with big impact. Perfect for using up smaller amounts of stashed yarn and experimenting with colors and patterns!

Ebb and Flow Crackle Scarf, by Sarah H. Jackson.

An elegant scarf for any season, Ebb and Flow is woven on 8 shafts, using two colors of 8/2 Tencel Yarn.


8/2 Tencel Yarn 8/2 Tencel Yarn

Swedish Rosepath Rag Rug, by Karen Isenhower.

Woven using rag strips and Swedish Cotton Warp, (Seine Twine, Fiskgarn) Yarn. For easy cloth stripping, try the Strip-It Cloth Slitter.


Swedish Cotton Warp, (Seine Twine, Fiskgarn) Yarn Swedish Cotton Warp, (Seine Twine, Fiskgarn) Yarn
Strip-It Cloth Slitter  Strip-It Cloth Slitter

Color Gradation Towels, by Susan E. Horton.

Woven in halvdräll, using Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn. This lovely two block pattern weave is a traditional Swedish structure that can be done on 4 shafts, and is perfect for borders or runners.


Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn

Plus – Yarn Lab: Rigid-Heddle Experiments

This issue’s Yarn Lab column by Jodi Ybarra does a great job dispelling the myth that traditional weaving cottons and linens aren’t suitable for rigid heddle weaving. Take a closer look at what you can do on a little rigid heddle loom with Malabrigo Mecha YarnPearl Cotton, Malabrigo Mecha Yarn8/2 unmercerized cotton, orMalabrigo Mecha Yarn linen. The same techniques apply to our distinctive Malabrigo Mecha Yarn as well. We offer these wonderful yarns in economical pound cones as well as convenient mini-cones, perfect for table linens, towels, and other easy and colorful home decor items!

Hygge, you say?


Malabrigo Mecha Yarn Malabrigo Mecha Yarn
Malabrigo Mecha Yarn Malabrigo Mecha Yarn
Malabrigo Mecha Yarn Malabrigo Mecha Yarn
Malabrigo Mecha Yarn Malabrigo Mecha Yarn

If you’re not already familiar with hygge, it’s a worderful Danish word that made a splash as one of the Oxford English Dictionary’s “words of the year” in 2016. The Visit Denmark website has some great background on the term, but the general idea is that it refers to a distinctly Scandinavian notion of comfort, coziness, and closeness. It’s expression is found in both activities and environments of that give this feeling of warmth and connectedness. I think that those of us who appreciate a handmade life are pretty familiar with this happy fuzzy feeling – even if we didn’t already know the word!


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