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Handwoven Magazine Eco-Issue Jan/Feb 2018

Handwoven’s Winter Eco-Issue

[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] is filled with eco-friendly projects that are inspiring for both their beauty and their frugal, thoughtful goodness! Explore the benefits of various materials and unique ways to use them.


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A few highlights:

Nancy Taylor’s piece Local Color explores the wild plants found at Earlham College and the joy you can find in the bounty of your own neighborhood’s botanical opportunities. The piece above is woven entirely in colors created from her own local dye materials.

There’s nothing more earth friendly (or wallet friendly) than making the most of what has already been made, and finding creative ways of stretching every resource a little further. Enter upcycling. In Expand Your Yarn Sources; Recycle Old Sweaters, Pam James’ takes us step by step through the best way to reclaim the yarn from old sweaters and turn it into creative new materials. Find out what to look for as you empty your closet or head to the thrift store and discover techniques to give old sweaters a new life in your handwoven pieces. (Above, Pam uses two ball winders at a time to unravel multiple sections of a sweater. Try the Knitter's Pride Ball / Wool Winder to speed up your process.)


Knitter's Pride Ball / Wool Winder  Knitter's Pride Ball / Wool Winder

In Cotton Colors without dye! Deb Essen demonstrates the surprising range of color that occurs naturally in different varieties of cotton. The elimination of dye from fiber processing can greatly reduce the environmental impact of cotton, and as you can see the results are beautiful! Discover the history and resources available for working with this unusual range of cottons.

Nothing says comfort like natural 100% wool, and Cascade Eco and Cascade Eco Plus Wool Yarn deliver beautiful results in the Double Down Eco-Friendly Blanket by Elisabeth Hill. Durable, soft and elegant this double weave blanket is big enough for you and your sweetie to snuggle up with for a movie and it’s simple to weave. The hefty Eco Wool skeins boast 478 yards each. (Finished dimensions: 56″ x 90″ plus a 4″ fringe.)


Cascade Eco  and Cascade Eco Plus Wool Yarn Cascade Eco and Cascade Eco Plus Wool Yarn

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 skein each in 7 colors, and 4 skeins of an additional color. (11 skeins total)

8 shaft loom, minimum 33″ weaving width, 8 dent reed, shuttle, temple capable of 33″, 4 yards of fishing line and a 5 lb. weight.

If you’re new to double weave, this is a great project to start with!


Cascade Eco  and Cascade Eco Plus Wool Yarn Cascade Eco and Cascade Eco Plus Wool Yarn


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