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How to make Felted Soap Stones Video (aka, how to have fun!)

Well, some folks just have all the fun… That was what I thought being stuck behind the camera and watching Kendra and Beth make Felted Soap Stones. These little felt encased soaps are so useful around the house; in the shower, vanity, sink, wherever you’d use soap. Unlike soap, they are elegant! You can make a zen rock garden in your bathroom, and not run out of soap for ages.

What is great is that making these cool little stones is easy and fun… After watching them, my plan is to make some with our 3 yr old son… he’ll need a little help, but it should be a blast. Perfect kids project! Here is the Kit: Felted Soap Stones Fiber Pack Kit


Felted Soap Stones Fiber Pack Kit  Felted Soap Stones Fiber Pack Kit

Enough blabbering, here is the video on vimeo, in HD, with no commercials:

felted soap stones, how to video
Felted Soap Stones – How to make them yourself!

Some folks prefer youtube, if you have an account leave us a “like” and/or comment! Here is the link:

Felted Soap Stones, A How To Video, See it on YouTube!

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4 thoughts on “How to make Felted Soap Stones Video (aka, how to have fun!)”

  1. Laurie Murdock says:

    Loved this. I do have a question — I’m a weaver and I work quite a bit with wool. I have lots of thrums left over. Is there a way for me to do this with my leftover thrums. Either cutting them up or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated

    1. Amos says:

      Hi Laurie,

      I asked Michael (our resident weaver and all around fiber artist) and he said (approximately):
      “Sure, as long as they are feltable wool, just card the thrums with a good set of carders and they’ll work fine. In fact, it can be a fun exercise in blending depending upon the colors you have.”

      Hope this helps,
      Best, Amos

  2. Joyce Hill says:

    Love the video. Can’t wait until I get my Felted Soap Stones Kit.

  3. angie says:

    love felted soap! kids can do it and it’s a great gift.

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