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New – Loome Tool!

“One tool, infinite possibilities”

Let me tell you about my new favorite stash busting tool! The Loome! Yep, that’s right. Loome with an “e”. The Loome is versatile little tool that you can use to make things like pom poms, tassels, bracelets, cords, even tiny weavings! Read on if you’re ready for loome…

I’ve admired these tools for a while and I’m so excited that we are now carrying them. They are made by a great company that shares lots of fun and colorful tutorials, information, and project ideas. One look will leave you inspired.

Each loome tool is capable of five different types of projects. They provide great project recommendations and tutorials to get you started (see video link below). We currently carry two models, the Robot, and the Big A (kit).

The Robot comes in a cute muslin bag with easy-to-follow instructions.

The Big A is sold as a Friendship Bracelet Kit and includes everything you need to make 12 bracelets! Yarn, needles, tool, and instructions. The Robot tool does not include yarn, but comes in a handy little cloth bag with great instructions.


Loome Tool - Robot Model with Muslin Bag  Loome Tool - Robot Model with Muslin Bag
Loome Kit - Friendship Bracelets  Loome Kit - Friendship Bracelets

I knew I wanted to try one out for myself… I selected the Robot model, grabbed some yarn and went crazy! First I made two wrapped head tassels. I used 2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk) for the tassel part because I liked the texture, and selected a smooth 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn for the wrapping. I love how they came out. Maybe I’ll turn them into a pair of earrings!


2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk) 2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk)
3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn

We’ve gone pom pom crazy in the shop before, using the Clover Pom Pom makers, so I was curious to see how it would work on the Loome tool. Cutting the pom pom and getting a tight knot was a little easier with the Clover tool, but I love the finished pom pom from the Loome. I also enjoyed their tutorial video, which showed how to trim the pom pom to get it small and dense.

Next I tried making a little weaving! So fun! And so fast! For this I used Block Island Blend (any sturdy, thinner yarn will work) for the warp, and a mix of Botanica, Geo Rug Wool, and Bear Creek for some fun texture in the weft. I can see making necklaces and little wall hangings out of these. They’ve got a great video showing how to make little woven pins. I want to make one for everyone I know!

Lastly, I tried the friendship bracelet and the cord. I was alllll about friendship bracelets and lanyards when I was a kid, so this brought back a lot of memories and it came out great! I did cobra knots for the bracelet, using 3/2 Pearl Cotton and 8/2 Homestead. I used the same 3/2 Pearl Cotton, held tripled, for the cord, which is similar to the type of cord you can make with a lucet tool.


3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn
Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn

The best part is that each of these little projects only took about 10-15 minutes and used minimal yarn. They are great for using up scrap yarn and working your way through your stash. You could bring one to the park, or the beach, or make something during your summer travels. What a fun way to pass the time and keep your hands busy!

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