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Norumbega Maine-Spun Wool Yarn

woven green and brown blanket with white text: start now for the coziest fall

The joy of going ‘up to camp,’ the warmth of a crackling fire, plus durability and designs that will bring coziness to the whole family for years to come – all that and more in a classic Maine yarn!

Pemaquid Mittens

Get ready for crisp weather with favorites to knit, crochet, or weave!

Norumbega is a distinctive Aran weight yarn, spun right here in Maine from 100% U.S. wool. This sturdy yarn was first created for weavers over 45 years ago, and it is still spun in the same Maine mill that we’ve used for decades. Previously known as Botanica, and before that Scottish Tapestry Wool, this yarn stands the test of time.

Norumbega’s smooth, pearly 2-ply twist creates a delightfully squishy but durable fabric that is very resistant to pilling. Its warmth, softness and long-lasting wear make it a great choice for sweaters, jackets and winter accessories that will last season after season. This hearty New England classic can be used for any yarn-related craft such as weaving, crochet, or knitting – and it felts beautifully.

Lobster Roll Pullover, Lubec Pullover, Rangeley Cardigan

Norumbega is worsted-spun for a more firm yarn, with fewer yards per pound than a standard worsted weight yarn, so you will want to purchase based on actual yardages for a given pattern and give yourself a little extra. The unique spiraled twist creates a distinctive yarn with a shadowed or corded appearance that looks fantastic in every stitch and lends great texture and definition to your piece. Norumbega is very strong and holds its shape well, making it perfect for anything from structured sweaters to toasty mittens. Norumbega offers exceptional shine and luster with a soft and springy hand.

Popham Cowl

Norumbega is quite stretchy so when winding your warp, add at least 10-20% extra to the length because the warp will shorten considerably when tension is released. When weaving, always release the warp tension before measuring the picks of your weft, otherwise it will be inaccurate. The smoothness of Norumbega makes densely warped double weave a snap, perfect for a snuggly camp blanket that will last for generations.


Your pieces will be incredibly warm, springy, and will have a lovely texture that has both sheen and a slightly pebbled appearance. A wonderful sweater yarn, the twist helps hold the shape beautifully. Ideal for structured sweaters including classic Aran fisherman styles, mittens, felted slippers and anything that you want to have plenty of body and that will look good for years. The gauge can work for many worsted weight patterns as well as Aran and bulky, so test first and adjust your needle size if needed to make the most of this beautiful yarn!

Saddleback Crochet Cowl


160 yards / 4oz skein, 640 yards per pound

Weaving Sett: 6-9 EPI • approx 8 wpi

$16.95 / 8+

Recommended patterns are FREE with purchase of yarn – just remember to add them to your order!


Norumbega Yarn Norumbega Yarn


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  1. Bonnie Raymond says:

    Botanica was one of my favorite yarns. So glad to see it back as Norumbega!

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