Portrait of Sierra Roberts
by: Sierra Roberts

Our Own… “Susan”…

This month’s staff profile is Susan Upham. Now, just what does Susan do here at Halcyon Yarn? It might be better to say “What doesn’t Susan do here?”. Her official title is Operations Manager, and she’s the cog that keeps this place moving.  After nearly 13 years here at Halcyon Yarn, there isn’t a job she hasn’t done. Before Halcyon Yarn, she worked at Jagger Brothers Inc., a custom yarn producer located in Springvale, Maine. Being a Mainer, born and bred, her work ethic is second to none. In fact, if it weren’t for needing to take her adorable dog, Tessa, (seen in the photo with her) for a walk, she’d never stop working. Thank goodness Tessa is a constant companion who faithfully accompanies Susan to work each and everyday. She’s a wonderful retreat when life and work get hectic.

Susan’s primary responsibility is purchasing and her so called secondary responsibilities are too many to list. She oversees everything and helps out whenever and wherever needed. Many of you have probably spoken with Susan, as she can also be found taking phone orders or helping customers in the shop.
In case you might be thinking Susan is all work and no play, let us put your worries to rest. She and her husband, Jim, (Bath’s very own City Planner), are avid sailors who make good use of our beautiful Maine coastline. Come summer there’s nary a weekend you’ll find them on dry land. And what of the weekends during the rest of the year? Well, when family is a priority, and you have four wonderful and active grandchildren near by, there’s never a dull moment.
Of course, she still has to work in a moment or two for a little knitting and culinary expression. Having twin granddaughters gives her a great excuse to knit some really cute items. She might be more inclined to knit for Jim if it weren’t for his favorite color, orange!  However, what Jim lacks for in knitted attire, Susan more than makes up for  in the kitchen. She’s a great cook who keeps him well fed.