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Welcome Icelandic Lettlopi Yarn (Lopi Lite)


Halcyon Yarn now stocks Lettlopi (Lite Lopi) Icelandic Wool Yarn.


Lettlopi (Lite Lopi) Icelandic Wool Yarn Info / buy yarn

Its gorgeous selection of colors makes Lettlopi ideal for fair isle work and classic Icelandic sweaters. Better yet, the unique properties of an inner and outer fiber in Icelandic fleece creates yarns with superior warmth, breathability and water repellency. Lettlopi, rugged and earthy by nature, will soften after washing. You’ll find adding a little hair conditioner to the rinse water when washing will work wonders.


If you’re a classic Lopi fan, you don’t want to miss the latest booklet, Lopi Volume 34. It showcases several stunning patterns calling for lettlopi, and also includes patterns for Lopi Alafoss Icelandic Wool Yarn.


Lopi  Volume 34 » Info / buy
Lopi Alafoss Icelandic Wool Yarn Info / buy yarn


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