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Carders And Combs. Spinning Equipment

Louet 8" Classic Drum Carder Fine

Louët drum carders come fully assembled and complete with table clamps, doffer pin and doffer brush. The cr... →more
65730000 • $741.00 • Ships in 2-4 weeks

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Ashford Mini Student Carders

Lightweight with a curved-back and integrated flat handle, Ashford’s student hand cards are made from pl... →more
68902070 • $72.00 • Ships in 2-4 weeks

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Acorn Five Pitch Combs

English 5 pitch combs set includes base , C-clamp and straightener. Made of maple in the USA by Acorn Wood Pr... →more
68910040 • $290.00 • in‑stock

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Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder - 72 TPI

The Fusion Engine, Majacraft's amazing drum carder is here! Majacraft designed this machine to pe... →more
68910340 • $1310.00 • drop‑ship

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Acorn Petite Maple Single Row Combs

Acorn petite single row combs. 2 3/4" width X 6 1/4" long, tines 3" long X 2 1/4" wi... →more
6891006M • $105.00 • in‑stock

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