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Carders And Combs: Flickers. Spinning Equipment

Schacht Flick Carder - 72PSI

The easy to grasp handle of Schacht's flicker has a wide tenon where it joins to the flat square pa... →more
64830000 • $46.00 • in-stock

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Louët Flicker2.4" x 4" (6cmx10cm) 72 tpi - ea

Louëts flicker has a curved back and slightly stiffer carding cloth than their other hand cards for more ef... →more
65720000 • $52.00 • in-stock

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Ashford Flicker

Ashfords flicker has decorative, lathe-turned handle and a wide paddle and is used to card locks of fleece fo... →more
68902030 • $28.50 • in-stock

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