Northern Colors Bound Weave - Pattern download Weaving Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Michael Patterson
17.5" X 30"

Create a beautiful wall hanging or small area rug with this elegant bound weave pattern.

Different trim treatments make for added interest.

Instructions for three different colorways are given in the pattern shown here in Northern Colors.

Weft is Geo Rug wool, Item 003. Quantities per version are:


2.5 sk #0390

1.5 sk #0190

1sk each #0120, 0150 & 0260.


2.5 sk #0170

2 sk #0280

1.5 sk #0330

1 sk each #0300, 0367 0280

Northern Lights:

2 sk#0120

1.5 sk#3490, 0110, 0140,

1 sk#3220,

.5 sk#0030

Vendor item: HYPATTERN
Item Number: 0030004U
Price: $5.95

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Approximate Size: 17.5" X 30" Yarn weight: Bulky Yardage needed: Warp: 273 yds for 1 hanging, 436 yds for 2 hangings, 600 yds 3 hangings.8 skeins Geo .

downloadable version: this pattern is also available as a printed pattern.

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Halcyon Geo Rug Wool
Halcyon Geo Rug Wool
Soft Finish Linen Warps 82 thru 85
Soft Finish Linen Warps 8/2 thru 8/5

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