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Halcyon's Brass Hook and Wooden Sett Tool

Buy both our Halcyon Yarn 6.5" engraved brass hook and the sett tool and save.

These are two very handy tools for loom weavers in one well priced bundle.

The premise for using the sett tool is this :

Many weavers give a cold shoulder to the sampling process, warping their loom and crossing their fingers that everything will turn out just right. Next time, before throwing such caution to the wind, needle-weave a sample on this handy Sett Tool. Cut the two samples off the sett tool (one each-front and back) and you can keep one as is and wash the other to test for shrinkage or bleeding. The Sett Tool measures 3" overall and comes with a needle and directions.

It is not vital or indispensable but assists in a very important process.

The threading hook is again a tool that makes life easier for weavers.

You can of course poke each warp thread through the correct heddle eye, or in the case of threading the reed, each dent of the reed. Or you can use one hand to hold a small bundle of threads and put the hook through the eye you want to thread and “pick off” the desired warp thread from your small bundle.

There are many good hooks available but most are either for threading heddles or for threading the reed (sleying the reed). Our Halcyon hook marries the two together in one “hand friendly" tool. The small end is an ideal heddle threading hook as the hook size fits into all but the tiniest rigid heddle eyes, and easily into all metal and texsolv string heddles. The flip end is a bigger hook that easily lets you choose from one to several warp threads at a time to sley your reed.

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