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White Worsted Wool Warp(s) Warp Yarn

Yarn line #115

White Worsted Wool Warp(s) Warp Yarn description:

Our 100% Worsted Wool Warp is available in 2, 3, and 4 ply styles. This smooth worsted wool is supple and very strong. Worsted wool warps are suitable for any weft-face project including rugs, wall hangings, Navajo designs and tapestries.

For fine tapestries and Navajo designs choose the 2 or 3-ply warp with a sett of 6–10 ends per inch. Then use a heavier yarn for the weft. The weft WPI should be 6-8 or more and may be composed of even finer yarns used multiple stranded.

For rugs, use the 3 or 4 ply wool warp single, or doubled for extra body, at 4 ends per inch for tabby or 5–6 ends per inch for twill with a heavy rug yarn or multiples of finer yarns used as one.. Try Halcyon Classic Rug Wool (Item 001) for really durable pieces. Deco and Geo (Items 002 and 003) are good as weft at this sett as well but double these wefts for a firm and sturdy and thicker weft face weave. When using Deco or Geo single stranded as weft sett the wool warp at 6-8 ends per inch for plain weave.

Yards/lb.: 2-ply: 1,120, 3-ply: 746, 4-ply 560.

Meters/kg: 2-ply: 2251, 3-ply: 1499, 4-ply 1125..

  • Sold on cones by weight. Actual price may vary based upon actual cone weight. Pricing 0.9~1.15 lb cone:
  • Mix colors for discounts!
  • $65.00/lb., 1+
  • • $57.95/lb., 8.00+
  • Pricing mini-cone:
  • Mix colors for discounts!
  • $25.00, 1+
  • • $22.00, 8.00+
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White Worsted Wool Warp(s) Warp Yarn details:
• Fiber content: 100% New Zealand Wool
• Gauge is K: N/A, C: N/A
• Warp
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 23, 16, 14
• Yardage: 2-ply: 1,120, 3-ply: 746, 4-ply 560 yards/lb

  •    • 2-ply: 1,120, 3-ply: 746, 4-ply 560 yards/0.9~1.15 lb cone
  •    • MINI CONES: 2-ply: 280 3-ply: 185 4-ply: 140 yards/mini-cone

Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Warps & More Warps Sample Card - Wool and Linen Rug and Tapestry Warps for 3.75/ea.

Color: 0020
vendor color: 2 plywarp
Yarn 1150020L  color 0020
0.9~1.15 lb cone
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Color: 0030
vendor color: 3 plywarp
Yarn 1150030L  color 0030
0.9~1.15 lb cone
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Color: 0040
vendor color: 4 plywarp
Yarn 1150040L  color 0040
0.9~1.15 lb cone
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