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2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk)

Yarn line #149

Color: 0000
vendor color: 176 SoieNaturellePetite
Yarn 1490000L  color 0000
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0.9~1.1 lb cone
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2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk) details:
• Fiber content: 100% Silk
• Gauge is K: 7-8 stitches/in on sz 1-3 • C: 8-10.5 stitches/in on sz Steel 6-8 or B-2
• Lace
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 24
• Weaving tabby sett 14-16
• Weaving twill sett 16-18
• Yardage: 2700 yards/lb

  •    • 2700 yards/0.9~1.1 lb cone
  •    • 340 yards/340 yd mini cone

2-Ply Silk Noil Yarn (Raw Silk) description:

Silk is the strongest of all the natural fibers by weight, and its ability to breathe; in clothing fabric - to keep you warm when it's cold, cool when it's warm - is unrivaled and perfect for every season garments. Whatever you make with silk will be very special indeed, and treasured for a long time to come. Keep in mind when using silk that it has almost no elasticity and minimal shrinkage. It will not full or "bloom" in finishing. In weaving, your warp sett should reflect this and be closer than for wool. Blend with worsted wools, such as Merinos. In knitting the the hand is lovely, but the inelasticity can be a challenge. To make the most of it, choose textured stitches, and patterns which feature hems, picot or crocheted edges rather than ribs as ribs will sag. Natural silks are ideal for dyeing with Earthues Natural Dyes, Country Classic or Wash-fast Acid Dyes.

100% silks capture light and add dimension to textiles.

Now Silk Noil adds another dimension to a great line up for weaving, knitting and crochet.

Care: We recommend dry cleaning or after testing a swatch or twisted tassel of your selected colors, you can try hand washing, rolling or spinning in a towel and hanging or laying flat to dry. Cool iron if desired. Do not soak! For strongly contrasting colors we recommend steaming or wet finishing with clear cool water. Detergents may cause darker colors to run. We sometimes add hair conditioner to the rinse water for an even softer hand.


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