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Weaving News

Monday, September 15th, 2014 Posted in Current Issue, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

We’ve been testing out various automated “news alerts” for weaving over the last several weeks. It’s been quite interesting – though there is a lot of chaff, there have been some very interesting articles as well. We thought it’d be fun to pass some along, and see if others find them interesting as well.

Here are some recent noteables:

Now hiring: Dovecot Studios!

What a refreshing item this was: Get hired and paid (well!) to weave artistic tapestries in Scotland. Their demand outstrips capacity, and so they have begun an internship program. Photo above is curtesy their jobs page. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications just passed. We’ll keep an eye out for this type of opportunity, and hope to see more! …and we’ll get our CV in order, that looks cool! FMI: http://www.heraldscotland.com/business/opinion/weaving-a-tradition.25304956

Aspiring, Inspiring

Weaving is of course practiced world wide. It’s practiced as an art, hobby, passion, job, cultural preservation tool, career, and all mixes thereof. It has been very interesting to see weaving in the “news” in other countries, where the role of weaving may fall heavily in favor of generating necessary income. These twins caught our attention, and pulled our heart strings. Hard work, beautiful work, and dreams for the future.

Not Cotolin, Cot-a-Loom

In India, working and living conditions can put a premium on space. Producing large works would be tricky given the size of loom needed. What better solution than to create a transforming loom that doubles as a cot!

Portugese Rug weaving – Constraints of tradition make for bold design

We were struck by the bold design that emerged from artist / designer Célia Esteves when she tackled rug weaving with traditional Portugese hand looms.

Fall Classes at Halcyon Yarn

Friday, September 5th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | 1 Comment »

Fall is in the air.  It’s time to think about new projects and new skills.  Here at Halcyon Yarn we have a bunch of fun classes coming up for both learning new techniques and thinking about gifts (the holidays will be here before you know it).

ALPINE-TOPPER-PARTY The Alpine Topper class Saturday, September 13, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm with Barbara McGuinness.  The Alpine Topper hat has been one of our best sellers here at Halcyon Yarn.  It is useful and oh so comfortable with a nice soft inner lining in the band that also gives you extra warmth because it creates two layers.  And the inner layer yarn makes the pattern on the front.  Make this colorful, yummy hat using a skein of a bulky self striping yarn and one of Plymouth DeAire yarn.
Funky Felted Feathered Friends is another fun and whimsical class taught by Kendra Rafford.  Let your inner child come out as you make colorful, flamboyant, and decorative felted ‘friends’.  They’ll make people smile: put them among your plants, land them on a Christmas tree limb, decorate a kids room, have them peering out your front window at passers-by. Let them brighten up your winter.  Offered Sunday, September 14, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. FFB
WE1C-H Learn to weave with Weaving on a 4-Shaft/Harness Floor Loom, Friday-Sunday, September 26-28 from 9am-4pm.  This intensive beginning level class with instructor Sybil Shiland teaches the basics of weaving on a 4 shaft loom. Students will learn and experience the basics of warping on a 4 shaft loom, will weave different weave structures, and use a variety of materials. You will start with the basics of planning a warp, weaving vocabulary, and weaving equipment. Students will then warp their loom with an assigned warp plan, draft, and then weave on their loom. During the class they will also experience weaving on different looms and on different weave structures in a ’round robin’ of the class looms. They will weave their own library of samples including plain weave, twill weave, basket weave, huck weave, overshot and weft faced weaves.
Knitting Your First Sweater with Debra Foster is a great way to work through all the steps of knitting an adult, top down pullover in the fun and helpful environment of a class.  This class meets 4 times over a 5 week period on Sunday afternoons 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (September 28, October 5, (skip October 12) October 19 & 26.  Five weeks gives you plenty of time to knit between classes and finish your sweater – under the watchful eye of your teacher.  Get together with a friend or two and take this class together.  Have fun, egg each other on, and at the end of October have a new sweater to keep you warm on those chilly fall days.

There are many other classes too! All are listed on the Halcyon Yarn web site class listings page, so check them out.

Please don’t hesitate to call for more information (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909). New classes are added all the time so check back often.

Don’t see just the class you want to take? No problem. Halcyon Yarn offers private lessons too. Give us a call  (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909) and let us set up a class just for you.

Halcyon Yarn Annual Open House October 11th

Friday, September 5th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

OPEN-HOUSE-2011-47 OPEN-HOUSE-2011-14

Be part of the biggest day of the year at Halcyon Yarn, our Annual Open House. 

This year the celebration takes place on Saturday October 11th from 9am-4pm.

Occurring just once a year, our Annual Open House is a true fiber extravaganza. This is a day full of fun demos, displays, new product information and savings for all. With a plethora of fiber demonstrations going on throughout the day, this event is perfect for checking out any fiber craft you find intriguing. It’s also a day to save BIG on all your favorite and highly coveted fiber craft supplies – yarn, fiber, tools, notions. There will be special savings throughout the shop with an additional discount of *10%-25% off.

Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House coincides with our great city of Bath’s annual Autumnfest, in which the glorious season of autumn is celebrated in style. The downtown will come alive with live music, artisan and food demonstrations, and  a whole host of fun seasonal activities. 

Open House also coincides with Maine Craft Weekend!

So mark your calendars and plan to stop by Halcyon Yarn. We look forward to sharing the day and our shared passion for all things fiber!

*Offer does not apply to bulk price 3, floor looms, gift certificates and special orders.



It’s cool but what is it?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 Posted in Fiber Arts Education, General News | 15 Comments »


Just the other day, Chris from Connecticut contacted us here at Halcyon Yarn and asked for help identifying a piece of equipment and now we’re asking for your help. Picked up at an estate sale, it was obvious this little gizmo gadget was used in weaving, but for what exactly?

So here’s Halcyon’s thought, it’s a device designed to distribute yarn on a shuttle bobbin evenly and automatically, but how does the thread get drawn onto the bobbin? Amos thinks it’s part of a larger device that weaves (rope?) by transporting the shuttle/bobbins along the curved tracks…

What do think? Has anyone seen this before? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Let us know in the comments, or head on over to our Facebook page and leave a note. Who knew life at a yarn shop could be so mysterious!

Block Island Blend Featured in New Knitter’s Magazine

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News, New Items | No Comments »


Halcyon’s Signature Block Island Blend is featured in the latest Kniters Magazine (summer 2014). With its unique breathable blend of gentle slub cotton, linen/hemp and rayon, Block Island Blend is a favorite among knitters and weavers alike. “Shirttails” is a super cute cami top. Two different colored strands of yarn are worked as one to create an enticing marled fabric with subtle texture. The lace edge shirttail hem and bodice, slight A-line silhouette and I-cord straps make this the perfect summer top.

The pattern, featuring Block Island Blend  colors Block Island Blend color 126 (8226Bleach) and Block Island Blend color 124 (8028)  calls for 400-600 yds of each color for a 32″-48″ top and US size 6 needles.

If you like the marled look of Block Island Blend used doubled you’ll definitely want to take a look at one of our most popular patterns, Very Versatile Neck Down Hoodie / hooded pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple . It’s been knit up in all kinds of different color combinations. Pairing the colors to find the perfect duo is down right addictive. Oh, Block Island Blend – WE LOVE IT!


Exciting New Indigo Dyeing Class

Friday, May 30th, 2014 Posted in Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

BIN-A mosaic93008a9f6d6c1ff34e9c6cc39cd71466c041ab3b

INTRO TO INDIGO with Amelia Poole on Sunday, June 8 from 10am-4pm.

Don’t miss this chance to have a full day of dyeing and experimenting with an expert indigo dyer and an indigo vat.  Several materials for dyeing are included in the class fee but also bring some of your own items (fabric, tee-shirt or yarn) to dip in the vat.  See how the color changes after it has emerged from the vat.  Dip several times to see the color darken.  It’s all indigo magic.

Intro to Indigo teacher Amelia Poole has been dyeing with indigo for over 15 years.  She loves working with indigo dips and indigo shibori as she can make the same pattern over and over but each piece will be unique because of the variations each time a piece is dipped in the indigo vat.  Then Amelia adds stitching and again more variations occur.

Amelia grew up in Massachusetts and has lived in Maine since 2005.  She attended the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham, Surrey, UK and holds a MFA in Woven Textile Design and Construction.  Her final project for this degree included a piece of woven indigo fabric.  Today she lives on the Blue Hill Peninsular and works in her studio there with both indigo and Eco-Printing (a class at Halcyon Yarn later in July).  She also has a very special 5 year-old assistant.

Amelia loves to teach.  She loves to share her experience and knowledge but she finds she loves the exchange of ideas with others as she also always learns something.
There are a few places still available in this class. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Check out all the classes being offered this summer at Halcyon Yarn.

Upcoming Classes at Halcyon Yarn

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

Rudyteaching 8003000Q

Jump start your spring by joining us at Halcyon Yarn to learn a new craft or improve a craft you already love. We’ve highlighted a few up coming class, but make sure you checkout all our current classes.

The world of handspinning is a magical place for fiber lovers. Nothing compares to creating your own yarn and oh the yarns you can make. If you’ve ever contemplated learning to spin there’s no time like the present and no better teacher from whom to learn than master spinner and teacher Rudy Amann

Join us for Intensive Beginning Spinning on Friday and Saturday, May 2 & 3 from 9am-3pm. That’s this weekend so sign up quickly (we only have a couple spots open). This is your chance to get a firm introduction to the fiber art of spinning.  Rudy covers the basics of wheels and their functions, many different fibers and their properties, spinning singles and then plying singles.  You’ll leave this class having mastered the basics and with notes and samples for future reference. The class fee of $225 includes all the materials. Come with a wheel in good working order OR rent one for the class for $25.00.

Ever wish you could change a pattern to suit your individual style, size and needs? Have we got a class for you. Change It: How to Modify Your Knitting Patterns on Friday May 9 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm delves into the format of patterns and how to change them to suit your individual needs.  So many of our Halcyon Yarn customers tell us a pattern is almost what they want but maybe it is a little too long, or the sleeves look too tight, or the sizing is either a little too small or a little too big, or the pattern is for a short sleeved sweater and they want a long sleeved sweater, or they want to add or change a pattern stitch. You get the idea. This class will address these issues so you will be able to look at patterns in a new light: as a source of inspiration you can alter for your needs. The class fee is $50.

TapestrySmall2 TapestrySmall

Enter the mesmerizing world of tapestry weaving with Tapestry 101 on Saturday & Sunday, May 10 & 11 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Large or small, tapestries offer endless opportunities to combine colors, fibers and textures to create unique painterly effects within the woven world. This class is an introduction to tapestry techniques, style, design and equipment. Learn the techniques for combining yarns and colors, filling in certain areas, creating a textured surface and following a design or ‘cartoon’. Let tapestry artist and experienced teacher, Maria Kovacs, get you started in this fun and fascinating fiber art form that has a wide range of possibilities from traditional to contemorary to ‘way out’.  You’ll enjoy the portability of tapestry and the flexibility of styles and materials. The class fee of $150 includes all the materials and a frame loom for you to take home at the end of class.

Don’t Miss Out on the FiberME 2014 Discount

Friday, April 11th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News, On Sale | No Comments »


Just a few days left to take advantage of our early bird discount for FiberME 2014, running August 3-8. Sign up by April 15, 2014 and you’ll pay only $750, regularly $795 (lodging, breakfast and dinner are not included). To take advantage of this special offer enter “early bird” at checkout when registering on line or simply mention the code when registering over the phone.

If you’re a fiber lover, you’ll love Halcyon Yarn’s Fabulous FiberME 2014 tour in which you’ll experience Maine’s finest spinning mills, studios, galleries, farms, a dyehouse and even a traditional lobster bake (okay not so fibery, but oh so Maine). Plus, mid week we’re offering a mini ‘make it and take it’ class with Rug Hooking Artist Susie Stephenson and a special fiber craft fair with talented fiber artists from all over the state. So join us this summer for an experience you won’t forget.


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