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by: Kate Comaskey

Mark Your Calendars! Open House Is On Its Way!

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Halcyon’s Annual Fall Open House is right around the corner and we can’t wait to see you! Join us on Saturday, October 8th, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm as we celebrate fall, the fiber arts, and the kick off to our 45th Anniversary. We will have demonstrators, refreshments and, of course, loads of savings. You’ll see weaving, fiber blending, felting, rug hooking, lucet braiding and more!

Our Open House sale takes place both in-store and online so don’t worry if you can’t book a last minute ticket to Maine. Come on down and bring you family and friends… there’s something for all ages, including hands-on felting and a chance to try your hand at weaving. Make a day of it and enjoy the Autumnfest celebration in downtown Bath, as well!

Nothing says fall like a crisp day full of fiber and cider. See you soon!


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Connections through weaving – fiber arts news

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Weaving with feeling


There is so much to love in this article about the Weaving Center, in Hartford, CT. The Weaving Center is a non-profit devoted to providing space, looms, education and camaraderie centered around weaving. Programming is particularly focused on teaching weaving to people with low or no vision, as well as those 55 and older, but also has programs for children and the broader community. For those who commit to regular participation, the Weaving Center provides looms, materials and instruction free of charge. The Journal Inquirer quotes one participant, “This is my favorite place in the world”… Sounds like it to us!

5000 years of weaving under one roof


We came across a wonderful interview in Peru This Week with the CEO of the Amano Museum. What follows is enough to inspire ticket purchase to Lima. Mario Amano is the inheritor and CEO of a private museum that has been visited by US presidents and Japanese Emperors, and with good reason. Through the lens of weaving, the museum provides a window into pre-Columbian history and culture of Peru and beyond. For those of us in the grips of fiber-arts obsession, it’s kinda cool to have stories like this trigger such an immediate connection and to be a part of such an enduring art!

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PokeKnit, Halifax Hero – Fiber arts news

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Something to Poke-care-about


Pokemon GO, it’s the phenomenon-phone-game that you can’t help hear about but that none of us here have played. We’re not critical or humbugs, we just haven’t needed an excuse to “get outside”… Well, perhaps we’ll have to actually pay attention now that it has jumped into the fiber-arts news this week. Nichole of Nichole’s Nerdy Knots (find her on Ravelry and Facebook) has started crocheting tangible poke-monsters and leaving them at “pokestops” for people to find and to be delighted by, which they are. We’re delighted to see Nichole’s altruistic nature. What’s cooler than someone inspiring / delighting kids with yarn-tastic creations, and delighting crocheters with her free patterns!

Halifax Hero


Speaking of altruistic fiber-arts, June Feswick of Halifax Nova Scotia has opened our minds to something that we hope becomes “a thing”: Knitting for the visually impaired. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind helped Feswick and her husband adjust to his vision loss a decade ago – a wonderful story in itself. That experience led them to realize that knitters need not give up knitting even with severe vision loss, and June has been hosting a group that helps vision-impaired or blind knitters to socialize and knit ever since. For a great story, and some tips on knitting without looking, checkout the story in the Halifax Metro.

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by: Amos

Overshot weaving, the symphony – Fiber arts news

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When composer Chris Kincaid saw his wife’s overshot weaving pattern – he was struck by the similarities to music notation, and found the patterns alluring. His wife is an accomplished weaver, and on the board of a weaving and fiber arts non-profit in Kentucky. She was able to get Chris up to speed on weaving “notation”. What he’d seen was an overshot pattern, and that is what he used to inspire a wonderful creative endeavor: Overshot String Quartet and Electronics, which you can hear here. The upshot, overshot, or however you call it, is that weavers now have their own symphony – it’s a little complicated sounding at first, but once the rythm evolves, it’s a wonderful symphonic work (kinda like weaving, no?).

by: Kate Comaskey

Look who’s coming to Halcyon Yarn…it’s Ann Budd!

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Ann Budd, the wonderful freelance knitting editor, teacher, designer, and author of more than a dozen books, will be at Halcyon Yarn August 28, 2016 and August 29, 2016. We are excited to offer two full days of workshops with Ann, which will include four different classes. CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED SO BE SURE TO REGISTER NOW. This will be an exciting and fun weekend with the one and only Ann so don’t wait too long to register.

The available classes are:

Sunday, August 28 


Knitwear designers use gauge and body measurements to create the perfect fit in a sweater, hat, or other knitted piece. Learn the magical formulas that will allow you design your own garments or adjust existing ones with ease! No more puzzling over how to increase or decrease evenly in a single row or gradually over many rows—you’ll have the answers in moments. You’ll also learn tips and trick that simplify the knitting and finishing process.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills.

Materials: Please bring note taking materials.


In this class, we’ll examine how the basic stitches look in a piece of knitting, and practice fixing common mistakes, including ripping out, picking up dropped stitches (even edge stitches!), reversing the direction of a cable turn, and correcting a snag that breaks the yarn.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills; must know how to cast on, bind off, knit, purl, and turn a cable.

Materials: One partial ball of your choice of yarn (tightly twisted worsted-weight wool or wool blend recommended); knitting needles in a size appropriate for your yarn; cable needle, crochet hook.

Homework: (required)

CO 18 sts.
Row 1 and 3: (RS) K4, p2, k6, p2, k4.
Rows 2 and 4: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Row 5: (RS) K4, p2, slide 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold in front of work, k3, k3
from cable needle, p2, k4.
Rows 6 and 8: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Rows 7 and 9: (RS) K4, p2, k6, p2, k4.
Row 10: (WS) K6, p6, k6.
Rep Rows 1–10 once more (20 rows total). Place sts on a holder.



Want to make socks that fit perfectly, no matter what yarn or needles or stitch pattern you use? This workshop will teach you how to measure your foot, knit a swatch, and devise a standard top-down pattern for any size foot and any gauge of knitting.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills and experience knitting socks from the top down.

Materials: Yarn will be provided in various weights. Please bring preferred needle gauge. Additional needles will be available if needed. (Don’t forget to bring your ideas for stitch patterns!)


Variously called “Japanese fine knitting” and “optical knitting, “shadow knitting” is the term introduced by Vivian Høxbro to describe a technique in which purl ridges define a pattern on a two-color striped stockinette-stitch background. The right-side ridges cast a “shadow” pattern that comes and goes depending on the angle at which it is observed. When viewed straight on, the fabric resembles simple two-row stripes. When viewed at an angle, the garter ridges predominate and a different pattern is visible. Learn this ingenious technique by knitting a swatch with a heart motif.

Skills: Advanced-beginner knitting skills; must be familiar with reading charts.

Materials: Yarn included. Please bring US size 6, 7, or 8 needles.


*Extra yarn is included for each class, other than Fixing Mistakes, but we encourage you to bring your own needles. Needles are available for purchase in-store at Halcyon with the class discount*

The more you knit the more you save!

A single class is $65.00 so feel free to mix and match with what interests you the most or join us for all four! Save when you register for more than one:

  • 2 classes for $120 when you use code ABCLASS2 at checkout
  • 3 classes for $165 when you use code ABCLASS3 at checkout
  • take all 4 classes for $200 – save $60! when you use code ABCLASS4 at checkout

Make a weekend out of it by enjoying not only the exciting classes at Halcyon Yarn, but by experiencing Maine in the Summer time! We’re two blocks from downtown Bath and just a short drive from various State beaches. Check out what the City of Ships has to offer at You will also receive 10% off of any Halcyon purchase in-store or online for the month following your class. What a wonderful way to wrap up your summer with a new project and some newly honed skills.

Because Ann is a special instructor our rules on class sign up will be different. To register in the class we must have full payment at the time of registration. If for some reason you cannot take the class after signing up, a refund will be made only if we can fill your space. We have made a commitment to the instructors and are liable for costs.

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Knitted healing, contemporary rugs – fiber arts news

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Healthful Knitting


Though Kate Davies almost died of a stroke, and had a long road back to health, she has found health and happiness, thanks to knitting.  We often take our knitting, weaving, and other fiber-arts passions for granted, but it’s nice to know that they are so helpful and healthful when needed. It’s worth a read to learn  Kate’s story, and to see that these passions can be so much more!

Contemporary Rug Hooking


Sometimes we get the news late… and that is what happened to us with what looked to be a wonderful rug hooking exhibit at Toronto’s Textile Museum of Canada. Still, for some wonderful photos, and a great overview of the vibrancy of the art of rug hooking, take a gander at the Toronto Globe and Mail’s review of the exhibit. It’s a great window into the work of contemporary rug hookers… and a dangerously enticing invitation to give rug hooking a try!

by: Kate Comaskey

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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No…not that one…it’s our Annual Open House! Join us October 8th for the Open House you know and love and for the kick off to our 45th Anniversary Celebration. It’ll be here before you know so mark those calendars and tell your friends. There will be plenty more details to follow as we get closer to the event. We can’t wait to see you and say thanks for another exciting year here at Halcyon Yarn!


by: Kate Comaskey

Get to know the Maine Fiberarts scene

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Maine Fiberarts presents, Innovations: Contemporary Art at their gallery at 13 Main St. in Topsham. If you are in the area it is certainly worth dedicating some time to.

“Thirty artists come together to show state-of-the-art ideas in hooked work, tapestry, knitted wire, art quilts, paper assemblage, fabric collage, handwoven, mixed media, needlepoint, felted vessels, and handmade paper”.

The show runs from June 10-September 3, 2016

Gallery Hours are: Wednesday -Friday, 11-4 and Saturday, 11-2

Keep an eye out for a piece by one of Halcyon Yarn’s co-founders, Hector Jaeger, as well as pieces by weaving instructors, Sybil Shiland and Barbara Burns.

Learn more about the exhibit at the Maine Fiberarts website.

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