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Fiber arts news

Monday, November 24th, 2014 Posted in Current Issue, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »


Not a tremendous amount of detail, but it looks like this poet-turned-weaver has patented (in India) a compact loom that he uses to weave very complicated sarees, while also finding inspiration for his poetry.


Closer to home, some beautiful work from another poet-weaver. It seems that poetic thinking and weaving are related?



Looks like knitting needles are “OK” by the TSA, good news for those traveling these holidays. Additional tips for knitting on planes here.


Create Gifts You’ll Love to Make and Give

Monday, November 10th, 2014 Posted in Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

Temari Balls class with Angie Olson is THIS WEEKEND Saturday, November 15, 10 am – 4 pm.  Learn to makethese colorful and decorative balls for gifts or to decorate your own home.  They are beautiful hung from the tree, in a glass bowl, or scattered among seasonal greens of the dining table.  All sorts of color combinations are possible.  This is always a favorite class.PSSSSST  –  don’t tell anyone but the holidays are fast approaching – also known as the gift giving season!  We know time is precious this time of year so here at Halcyon Yarn we’re offering a fantastic selection of classes that will do double duty in this busy time of year. In each of these classes you’ll have fun and relax(so needed this time of year) and at the end you’ll walk away with a finished product, or nearly finished product, that you can give as a gift plus the skills to make more. Temari3
Noodling with Nuno with Marianne Dubois is THIS WEEKEND Saturday November 15, 9:30am-3:30pm. Learn to make felted silk and wool scarves with the technique of Nuno felting. Merino wool top and lightweight silk gauze will be combined to produce one-of-a-kind felted scarves. You’ll be amazed at how Nuno felting enables you to create felt with flexibility and drape. Students will go home with a completed scarf and ideas for many more projects. NWN
Hooked Flower Brooches with Susie Stephenson is Saturday, November 29, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.  These flower brooches can embellish your outfit or hat, decorate a package, attach to the limb of the tree or brighten a bowl of greens for a beautiful centerpiece that will last the whole season. APR
Make It and Take It – Felted Dryer Balls is scheduled on Tuesday evening, December 2, 6-8 pm.  Felted dryer balls may not seem exciting but they are very useful particularly as they reduce your drying time.  They are also colorful and easy to make: a wonderful, thoughtful and useful gift for friends, neighbors, teachers or you knitting group.  Kendra will show you the ins and out of making the dryer balls in this 2 hour class and you will be off and running making holiday gifts. MFB
Intro to Lucet Braiding with Eileen Antell on Saturday, December 6, 10 am – 12 noon.  This class will show you how to make simple lucet braids.  These make fun, colorful friendship bracelets or they can be used as garlands and for wrapping packages.  Can you think of other ways to use them?  The class fee includes yarns, notes and a cherry lucet for you to take home. Get ready to braid! LUC
Stuffed Mittens / Two Pairs / Two Ways with Ruth Slagle on Sunday, December 7, 12 noon – 3 pm.  Ruth will lead you through the process of making these wonderfully warm ‘stuffed mittens’.  These mittens have been a favorite of Halcyon Yarn customers for years – kids and adults alike.  Choose your materials before class and take advantage of the 10% class discount.  Get two pairs of mittens started in class and be well on your way to two wonderful and warm gifts. MIT
Festive Felted Soaps with Kendra Rafford in Tuesday evening, December 9, 6 – 8 pm.  Felted Soaps are another colorful and practical gift you can make for several friends and family.  Match their color scheme, use the colors of the season, use different colors together.  These will brighten any soap dish and make kudos for your thoughtfulness.  Bring 1/2 dozen cakes of soap, some old nylon stockings and a couple of old towels and you”ll be ready to go.  Plenty of fiber will be provided. FFS

Although not project oriented classes, you might also enjoy Spinning Revisited on Saturday, November 22, 10am-4pm or Advanced Beginner Knitting on Thursday, December 4, 10am-3pm.
For more information about these classes and to see our complete offerings visit our classes on the web.  Sign-up on line or call 207-442-7909 or 1-800-341-0282 to register.

Thanks for Being Part of Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

Wow – Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House was fantastic! THANK YOU to everyone who was part of this special day. We so value the expertise of our demonstrators and the time they spent exhibiting their skills and sharing their knowledge. It was amazing to see the shop filled with so many loyal customers, as well as new faces.  It also goes without saying, the continued support from those of you who shopped with us on-line and over the phone is appreciated beyond words. We’d like to take a moment to share photos from the day. If you weren’t able to be part of our annual Open House this year, mark your calendars for next year. It comes just once a year and it’s always the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend. See you October 10, 2015!

open-house-2014-newsletter-(1-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(2-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(3-of-22)
open-house-2014-newsletter-(4-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(5-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(6-of-22)
open-house-2014-newsletter-(7-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(8-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(9-of-22)
open-house-2014-newsletter-(15-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(16-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(18-of-22)
open-house-2014-newsletter-(19-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(20-of-22) open-house-2014-newsletter-(21-of-22)

Weaving News

Monday, September 15th, 2014 Posted in Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

We’ve been testing out various automated “news alerts” for weaving over the last several weeks. It’s been quite interesting – though there is a lot of chaff, there have been some very interesting articles as well. We thought it’d be fun to pass some along, and see if others find them interesting as well.

Here are some recent noteables:

A passion for weaving endures

An inspiring story of a family that has upheld, and even revived an age-old tradition of Sari weaving. The Salvi family has shunned modern dying in favor of collecting natural dyes themselves, and found that the youngest generation is returning to weaving even after success an architect, civil engineer, and physiotherapist. Interestingly, we saw some similarity in a  travel blog post from Peru  about the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.

Now hiring: Dovecot Studios!

What a refreshing item this was: Get hired and paid (well!) to weave artistic tapestries in Scotland. Their demand outstrips capacity, and so they have begun an internship program. Photo above is curtesy their jobs page. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications just passed. We’ll keep an eye out for this type of opportunity, and hope to see more! …and we’ll get our resume in order, that looks cool!

Aspiring, Inspiring

Weaving is of course practiced world wide. It’s practiced as an art, hobby, passion, job, cultural preservation tool, career, and all mixes thereof. It has been very interesting to see weaving in the “news” in other countries, where the role of weaving may fall heavily in favor of generating necessary income. These twins caught our attention, and pulled our heart strings. Hard work, beautiful work, and dreams for the future. Although there is not a link to donate to help this inspiring pair directly, the WEAVE NGO does great, related work, with refugees in Burma and Thailand.

Not Cotolin, Cot-a-Loom

In India, working and living conditions can put a premium on space. Producing large works would be tricky given the size of loom needed. What better solution than to create a transforming loom that doubles as a cot!

Portugese Rug weaving – Constraints of tradition make for bold design

We were struck by the bold design that emerged from artist / designer Célia Esteves when she tackled rug weaving with traditional Portugese hand looms.

Fall Classes at Halcyon Yarn

Friday, September 5th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | 1 Comment »

Fall is in the air.  It’s time to think about new projects and new skills.  Here at Halcyon Yarn we have a bunch of fun classes coming up for both learning new techniques and thinking about gifts (the holidays will be here before you know it).

ALPINE-TOPPER-PARTY The Alpine Topper class Saturday, September 13, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm with Barbara McGuinness.  The Alpine Topper hat has been one of our best sellers here at Halcyon Yarn.  It is useful and oh so comfortable with a nice soft inner lining in the band that also gives you extra warmth because it creates two layers.  And the inner layer yarn makes the pattern on the front.  Make this colorful, yummy hat using a skein of a bulky self striping yarn and one of Plymouth DeAire yarn.
Funky Felted Feathered Friends is another fun and whimsical class taught by Kendra Rafford.  Let your inner child come out as you make colorful, flamboyant, and decorative felted ‘friends’.  They’ll make people smile: put them among your plants, land them on a Christmas tree limb, decorate a kids room, have them peering out your front window at passers-by. Let them brighten up your winter.  Offered Sunday, September 14, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. FFB
WE1C-H Learn to weave with Weaving on a 4-Shaft/Harness Floor Loom, Friday-Sunday, September 26-28 from 9am-4pm.  This intensive beginning level class with instructor Sybil Shiland teaches the basics of weaving on a 4 shaft loom. Students will learn and experience the basics of warping on a 4 shaft loom, will weave different weave structures, and use a variety of materials. You will start with the basics of planning a warp, weaving vocabulary, and weaving equipment. Students will then warp their loom with an assigned warp plan, draft, and then weave on their loom. During the class they will also experience weaving on different looms and on different weave structures in a ’round robin’ of the class looms. They will weave their own library of samples including plain weave, twill weave, basket weave, huck weave, overshot and weft faced weaves.
Knitting Your First Sweater with Debra Foster is a great way to work through all the steps of knitting an adult, top down pullover in the fun and helpful environment of a class.  This class meets 4 times over a 5 week period on Sunday afternoons 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (September 28, October 5, (skip October 12) October 19 & 26.  Five weeks gives you plenty of time to knit between classes and finish your sweater – under the watchful eye of your teacher.  Get together with a friend or two and take this class together.  Have fun, egg each other on, and at the end of October have a new sweater to keep you warm on those chilly fall days.

There are many other classes too! All are listed on the Halcyon Yarn web site class listings page, so check them out.

Please don’t hesitate to call for more information (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909). New classes are added all the time so check back often.

Don’t see just the class you want to take? No problem. Halcyon Yarn offers private lessons too. Give us a call  (1-800-341-0282 or 207-442-7909) and let us set up a class just for you.

Halcyon Yarn Annual Open House October 11th

Friday, September 5th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News | No Comments »

OPEN-HOUSE-2011-47 OPEN-HOUSE-2011-14

Be part of the biggest day of the year at Halcyon Yarn, our Annual Open House. 

This year the celebration takes place on Saturday October 11th from 9am-4pm.

Occurring just once a year, our Annual Open House is a true fiber extravaganza. This is a day full of fun demos, displays, new product information and savings for all. With a plethora of fiber demonstrations going on throughout the day, this event is perfect for checking out any fiber craft you find intriguing. It’s also a day to save BIG on all your favorite and highly coveted fiber craft supplies – yarn, fiber, tools, notions. There will be special savings throughout the shop with an additional discount of *10%-25% off.

Halcyon Yarn’s Annual Open House coincides with our great city of Bath’s annual Autumnfest, in which the glorious season of autumn is celebrated in style. The downtown will come alive with live music, artisan and food demonstrations, and  a whole host of fun seasonal activities. 

Open House also coincides with Maine Craft Weekend!

So mark your calendars and plan to stop by Halcyon Yarn. We look forward to sharing the day and our shared passion for all things fiber!

*Offer does not apply to bulk price 3, floor looms, gift certificates and special orders.



It’s cool but what is it?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 Posted in Fiber Arts Education, General News | 14 Comments »


Just the other day, Chris from Connecticut contacted us here at Halcyon Yarn and asked for help identifying a piece of equipment and now we’re asking for your help. Picked up at an estate sale, it was obvious this little gizmo gadget was used in weaving, but for what exactly?

So here’s Halcyon’s thought, it’s a device designed to distribute yarn on a shuttle bobbin evenly and automatically, but how does the thread get drawn onto the bobbin? Amos thinks it’s part of a larger device that weaves (rope?) by transporting the shuttle/bobbins along the curved tracks…

What do think? Has anyone seen this before? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Let us know in the comments, or head on over to our Facebook page and leave a note. Who knew life at a yarn shop could be so mysterious!

Our Yarn: Block Island Blend Featured in New Knitter’s Magazine

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Posted in Events, Fiber Arts Education, General News, New Items | No Comments »


Halcyon’s Signature Block Island Blend is featured in the latest Kniters Magazine (summer 2014). With its unique breathable blend of gentle slub cotton, linen/hemp and rayon, Block Island Blend is a favorite among knitters and weavers alike. “Shirttails” is a super cute cami top. Two different colored strands of yarn are worked as one to create an enticing marled fabric with subtle texture. The lace edge shirttail hem and bodice, slight A-line silhouette and I-cord straps make this the perfect summer top.


The pattern, featuring Block Island Blend  colors Block Island Blend color 126 (8226Bleach) and Block Island Blend color 124 (8028)  calls for 400-600 yds of each color for a 32″-48″ top and US size 6 needles.

If you like the marled look of Block Island Blend used doubled you’ll definitely want to take a look at one of our most popular patterns, Very Versatile Neck Down Hoodie / hooded pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple . It’s been knit up in all kinds of different color combinations. Pairing the colors to find the perfect duo is down right addictive. Oh, Block Island Blend – WE LOVE IT!


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