Merino Silk Top Fiber

Fiber line #330

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Merino Silk Top Fiber details:
• Fiber content: 70% Merino, 30% Silk

Merino Silk Top Fiber description:

The fiber content is 70% merino wool and 30% silk. Treat yourself just once and the luxury goes on and on-spin it, admire it, knit it, and wear it for years and years.

Color: 0100
vendor color: ARIES
Fiber 3300100L  color 0100
Stock: 3

Color: 0050
vendor color: LIBRA
Fiber 3300050L  color 0050
Low stock: 1

Color: 0060
vendor color: ORION
Fiber 3300060L  color 0060
Stock: 4

Color: 0070
vendor color: VIRGO
Fiber 3300070L  color 0070
Low stock: 2

Color: 0080
vendor color: AQUARIUS
Fiber 3300080L  color 0080
Low stock: 2

Color: 0090
vendor color: PHOENIX
Fiber 3300090L  color 0090
Low stock: 2