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by: Sierra Roberts

Nube all day!!! (but only on sale this week)

Attention all spinners, felters, weavers, and fans of thrummed knitting: you’ve gotta check out Nube by Malabrigo Fiber! Actually, you’re lucky I’m even telling you about it because I’d love to keep it all to myself. Soft as its namesake (“nube” is Spanish for “cloud”), this 100% Merino wool top is a dream to work with. The beautiful hand dyed colors make it hard to choose which one to bring home, and watching the colors change as you work with this roving will keep you entertained for hours.


Nube by Malabrigo Fiber Nube by Malabrigo Fiber

I can say that from experience, because as soon as this stuff came in I snatched up a braid of Mostaza and Archangel. I then scurried home with my bounty and proceeded to gaze lovingly at it, taking glamour shots and admiring how this lovely fiber looked against all sorts of backgrounds. It’s a little embarrassing, actually – it took me a week or two to stop gawking at Nube and actually break it out of its perfect roly-poly braid to get it on my wheel.


Nube by Malabrigo color 0031 (NUB031Mostaza) » Info / buy
Nube by Malabrigo color 0850 (NUB850Archangel) » Info / buy

Now I’m a spinner, so that’s what I chose to use Nube for. But this roving is also great for wet felting, needle felting, thrummed knitting, and weaving. I can only imagine how these colors would look if you incorporated Nube into a woven tapestry wall hanging – you know the ones, like in Rachel Denbow’s DIY Woven Art. Seriously though, picture it in this Group Hug Wall Hanging from that book:


DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art

Or in the Milkmaid Braid Wall Hanging, also from that book:

And if I’m being completely honest here, I should probably admit that after I scanned the photos for this post, I also bought this book. What a wonderful, fresh way to get creative with fiber. While woven wall hangings are by no means a new art form, they certainly speak to the aesthetics of today.

Anyway, Amos and I made a video so I could not only tell you about the awesomeness of Nube, but also show you. I took my beat up old Louet on a field trip to work with me, all buckled up safely in the backseat of my messy car

You might have noticed that my husband’s drums don’t even get such special treatment. Let’s hope he doesn’t read this…

So back to that video – in it, I show off what I’ve spun so far; you can also watch me work with it a little bit more while I gab about my experience spinning with Nube. Check it out here and if you feel the spark of inspiration you should snag some Nube of your own before I squirrel it all away.  Oh yeah, and it’s gonna be on sale for 10% off through next Friday – so perhaps a last minute gift… or something to look forward to yourself, after the holiday hustle and bustle!


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