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Tap into tapestry weaving with our new Triple Play wall hanging kit!

Play around with weaving color and texture…

Triple Play Kits are 25% off through Memorial Day – a perfect project for a long weekend!

Let me begin by saying that not a day goes by where I don’t think about weaving. Most of my friends and family (and several strangers…) have witnessed me babbling on about new yarns, or patterns, or projects that I’m working on, whether they wanted to hear about it or not.  I just love everything to do with weaving. So I jumped at the chance to design a simple beginner weaving kit to celebrate Little Looms May here at Halcyon. What could be better than introducing more people to the wonderful world of weaving!? And thus, the Triple Play Wall Hanging Kit was born.

I wanted the kit to be simple enough for beginners, yet visually interesting enough to display on the wall. The design employs three tapestry weaving techniques: plain weave, rya knots, and soumac stitch, all of which are explained and illustrated in the instructions. I chose to use Halcyon Geo Rug Wool Yarn because I’ve been admiring it since the day I started working here (the colors! the texture!). Geo is a rustic, slightly heathered wool, that weaves up quickly and evenly. This kit is available in three colorways; each kit comes with three colors of Geo for your weft, [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] for your warp, and a tapestry needle to weave with.


Halcyon Geo Rug Wool Yarn Halcyon Geo Rug Wool Yarn
[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
  [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]

All you need to get started is a tapestry loom measuring at least 9″ x 6″. I wove my Triple Play on the Schacht School Loom, but if you’re feeling adventurous, consider building your own tapestry loom from scratch! Grab a wooden frame, some nails, and a DIY attitude and get to work! There are plenty of DIY tapestry loom tutorials out there, but Rachel Denbow’s DIY Woven Art not only has some great project ideas, but instructions on how to make three different types of tapestry loom to get you started. From making the loom to the finished piece this is a perfect project for a crafting weekend, on your own or with your kids.

All warped up and ready to go!


Schacht School Loom  Schacht School Loom
DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art


Once you’ve completed the Triple Play wall hanging, you will be equipped with the skills to begin creating your own tapestries! Tapestry weaving is a great place for beginning weavers to start. There are no fancy calculations or time consuming set up like with harnessed looms. And no expensive tools or equipment, either (unless you choose to continue tapestry weaving with a more advanced loom). If you are intrigued by the more elaborate traditional tapestry weaving, this is a great start. We’d also recommend checking out the American Tapestry Alliance, and take a look at the work of our tapestry weaving instructor, Barbara Burns (featured here) as well.

I find tapestry weaving incredibly relaxing and meditative. It’s much more free-form than harness weaving and you can use almost any yarn. Incorporate thick yarns, thin yarns, scratchy yarn, roving, even found objects (think fabric scraps, plastic bags, beads and more)! Tapestry weaving is also great for stash busting. Imagine a weaving made from all your leftover yarn from previous projects! The possibilities are endless!


[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
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[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
 Disc. or unavail.
[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
 Disc. or unavail.

Our new Triple Play kits are 25% off for a limited time, plus many of our favorite tapestry weaving items are on sale here – through Memorial Day!


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