Block Island Blend Fine Yarn

Yarn line #099

Block Island Blend Fine Yarn description:

Halcyon Yarn's Signature Block Island Blend yarn is a truly unique three ply yarn suitable for weavers, knitters and crocheters. Spun and dyed in Maine, this classic and colorful yarn made from hemp or flax, cotton and rayon.

The appeal of this stylish 3-ply yarn is in its truly unique fiber combination. One ply of a gentle slub cotton lends a rustic homespun look, a ply of rayon adds sheen, while a third ply of a linen/hemp blend provides extra body and strength. Since each fiber takes the dye color just a little differently the yarn has rich tonal and textural dimension.

Block Island Blend yarn is both rustic and elegant making terrific for a broad range of projects from sweaters to yardage and upholstery.

Block Island Blend is a Halcyon Yarn exclusive, spun and dyed just for us. Spinning is at Jagger Brothers, in Springvale Maine, and dyeing is at the Saco River Dyehouse, in Saco, Maine.

Suitable for weaving and hand or machine knitting. The true characteristics of Block Island Blend are best seen after hand or machine washing on the gentle cycle and machine drying. Plan on 10% shrinkage when calculating the amount of yarn you need.

Knitters: Stylish yet casual, Block Island Blend makes beautiful, light weight, warm weather clothes. Knit a dressy accessory or a comfy weekend pullover. Single stranded, Block Island Blend knits as a sport weight yarn; when doubled it is a worsted weight. A great yarn for machine knitters, try a tension of 7-8 on standard machines.

Weavers: Block Island Blend is well suited as both warp and weft. Be creative and consider combining it with many of our other wonderful cottons and linens to play with color and texture. It is an excellent choice for drapery, table linens, and yardage for clothing or upholstery.

Block Island Blend is available in economical 1 pound cones or in convenient 175 yard mini cones.

Block Island Blend care:

The color line of Halcyons Signature Newport Linen (item #178) and Block Island Blend (item #099) mirrors that of our Casco Bay Cottons (items #096, #097 & #098), making these yarns perfectly compatible. Mix and match these great yarns in your favorite projects. As always, we recommend sampling before you start your project to determine gauge or sett, and to ensure colorfastness especially when using contrasting colors. It is not uncommon for excess dye to be present in strong colors. If bleeding occurs, loosely skein the yarn, wash until the water runs clear and let it hang dry.

Wash finished pieces gently in cold water by hand or machine using mild detergent. Can be tumbled dry, pressing damp will help linen maintain its crisp and elegant finish.

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Block Island Blend Fine Yarn details:
• Fiber content: 35% Hemp, 35% Cotton, 30% Rayon
• Gauge is K: 7 stitches/in on sz 34.25 stitches/in on sz 7 (doubled) C: 4-5 stitches/in on sz E-4 to 7
• Fine
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 20
• Weaving tabby sett 10 to 12
• Weaving twill sett 15 to 18
• Yardage: 1575 yards/lb

  •    • 1575 yards/0.9 - 1.15 lb cone
  •    • 180 yards/180 yd mini cone

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