Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4

Item: 06010100 Color:1010 2BLACK
Yarn Fingering Cotton   Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 color  1010
.5 lb tube:
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Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Cotton Carpet Warps Sample Card for $3.50/ea.
  • Unit: .5 lb tube.
  • Fiber content: 100% Cotton.
  • Yards/pound: 1600.
  • Knitting weight: Fingering.
  • Standard yarn weight number: 1.
  • Yardage/unit: 800 yards / .5 lb tube.
  • Wraps/inch: 28 (wpi).
  • Weaving tabby sett: 12.
  • Weaving twill sett: 18.

Yarn description:

This warp yarn has a matte surface that produces a more rustic, country look than Pearl Cotton

• Perfect warp yarn for rag rugs, coverlets, tapestries and other off loom projects

• The broad color range allows matching of the warp with rags and other weft materials.

• More supple than linen and more resistant to abrasion

• Knitters and Crocheters: It's great for carry-all bags if you use multiple strands.

Care: These cotton yarns may be machine washed and dried. Use cold/warm water and no bleach on the colors. Darker colors may not be totally color fast. As always, when using highly contrasting colors we recommend sampling and washing. If bleeding is a problem, skein and pre-wash the yarn until wash water runs clear and hang to dry. All colors will soften with prolonged exposure to light and repeated washings.

yarn tassel for Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 060

Enlarge and explain tassel? Feel & see with a yarn sample card: Cotton Carpet Warps Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 is wonderful in these book based projects:

Book name: Best of Handwoven - Weaving with Rags -Handwoven eBook Printed Copy
Rags with a Latin Beat, on pg. 4.
Materials needed: 4 shaft loom with 27" weaving width, 10 dent reed, stick, ski or rag shuttle..

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