Bartlettyarns Maine Wool - Sport Yarn

$66.00/1 lb cone
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$58.75 for 5+

100% Wool. 1750yds/1 lb cone, 1750yds/lb. Setts: 10 tabby, 15 twill. Gauge: K: 6 stitches/in on sz 4 to 5 C: 4-5 stitches/in on sz E-4 to 7. Colors: 36.

Bartlettyarns Maine Wool - Sport Yarn description: • 2-ply sportweight Bartlettyarns available on 1 lb. cones • yarn retains some of its natural lanolin so it is water repellent making it an excellent choice for sweaters, hats, or mitt... more...

Bartlettyarns Maine Wool Yarn

$16.00/4 oz hank
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$14.50 for 8+

100% Wool. 200yds/4 oz hank, 800yds/lb. Setts: 6-8 tabby, 8 twill. Gauge: K: 4.5-5 stitches/in on sz 7 to 8 C: 2.75-2.5 stitches/in on sz I-9 to K-10.5. Colors: 32.

Bartlettyarns Maine Wool Yarn description: Bartlettyarn's Fisherman 2-Ply Maine Wool yarn is a 100% wool, woolen spun, worsted weight yarn: • soft, lofty wool with a homespun appearance • large array of heathered colors, reminisce... more...