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Katia Air Lux Yarn

$13.99/50 g ball
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$12.60 for 8.00+

70% Viscose, 30% Virgin Wool. 328yds/50 g ball, 2995yds/lb. Setts: 10 tabby, 12 twill. Gauge: K: 6.75 sts/in on sz 4-5 • C: 4-5 stitches/in on sz E-4 to 7. Colors: 10.

Katia Air Lux description: Katia Air Lux is a super soft, super unique fingering weight yarn. This yarn is a silky, shiny metallic chainette with a fuzzy halo of Merino wool; every bit as soft as it looks, that wooly halo is just enough to add a la... more...

Katia Cotton-Merino Yarn

$9.95/50 g ball
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$8.90 for 8.00+

70% Cotton, 30% Wool. 115yds/50 g ball, 1050yds/lb. Setts: 4-5 tabby, 5-6 twill. Gauge: K: 4 stitches/in on sz 7-8. Colors: 7.

Katia Cotton-Merino description: Katia Cotton-Merino is an incredibly soft aran weight yarn that is luxury at its loveliest. This unique yarn consists of an un-dyed chainette cotton tube that is filled with super soft Merino - the wool then peeks t... more...

Katia Ombré Merino Kit Yarn

regular price: $39.95/six 25 g balls

100% Merino Extrafine Wool. 552yds/six 25 g balls, N/Ayds/lb. Gauge: 5.75 sts/in on US sz 4-5. Colors: 1.

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discount price: $27.50/six 25 g balls

Katia Ombré Merino Kit description: These packs come with 6 balls of 100% Merino Extrafine in different color gradients. You only need one pack to make one full color shawl with the included pattern. ... more...