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Katia Yarns

Katia Air Lux Yarn

$13.99/50 g ball
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$12.60 for 8.00+

70% Viscose, 30% Virgin Wool. 328yds/50 g ball, 2995yds/lb. Setts: 10 tabby, 12 twill. Gauge: K: 6.75 sts/in on sz 4-5 • C: 4-5 stitches/in on sz E-4 to 7. Colors: 10.

Katia Air Lux description: Katia Air Lux is a super soft, super unique fingering weight yarn. This yarn is a silky, shiny metallic chainette with a fuzzy halo of Merino wool; every bit as soft as it looks, that wooly halo is just enough to add a la... more...

Katia Cotton-Merino Yarn

$9.95/50 g ball
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$8.90 for 8.00+

70% Cotton, 30% Wool. 115yds/50 g ball, 1050yds/lb. Setts: 4-5 tabby, 5-6 twill. Gauge: K: 4 stitches/in on sz 7-8. Colors: 8.

Katia Cotton-Merino description: Katia Cotton-Merino is an incredibly soft aran weight yarn that is luxury at its loveliest. This unique yarn consists of an un-dyed chainette cotton tube that is filled with super soft Merino - the wool then peeks t... more...

Katia Fair Cotton Craft Yarn

$39.95/200 g cake
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$35.60 for 8.00+

100% Organic Cotton. 678yds/200 g cake, 1530yds/lb. Setts: 9 tabby, 11 twill. Gauge: 6.75 sts/in on US sz 2-5. Colors: 2.

Katia Fair Cotton Craft description: A high yield ecologically sustainable organic cotton yarn suitable for making both garments and home accessories. Fair Cotton Craft's color combination of white and bright colors make it ideal for making sum... more...

Katia Infinity Shawl Yarn

regular price: $39.95/150 g cake
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$35.00 for 8.00+

Merino Wool. 656yds/150 g cake, 1950yds/lb. Setts: 6 tabby, 7.5 twill. Gauge: K: 4-5 sts/in on sz 6-7. Colors: 1.

Some colors on clearance
discount price: $39.95/150 g cake

Katia Infinity Shawl Yarn description: Infinity Shawl is a soft, single ply yarn by Katia. This gradient yarn comes in a hefty 656 yard cake - just enough to complete one of two shawl patterns that come free along with it! The long color gradient a... more...

Katia Ombré Merino Kit Yarn

regular price: $39.95/six 25 g balls

100% Merino Extrafine Wool. 552yds/six 25 g balls, N/Ayds/lb. Gauge: 5.75 sts/in on US sz 4-5. Colors: 2.

Some colors on clearance
discount price: $39.95/six 25 g balls

Katia Ombré Merino Kit description: These packs come with 6 balls of 100% Merino Extrafine in different color gradients. You only need one pack to make one full color shawl with the included pattern. ... more...