K1c2 Yarns

K1C2 2nd Time Cotton Recycled Yarn

regular price: $8.50/100 g hank

75% Recycled Cotton, 25% Acrylic. 180yds/100 g hank, 820yds/lb. Setts: 8-10 tabby, 10-12 twill. Gauge: K: 4.5-5 stitches/in on a 6-7 C: 2.75-2.5 stitches/in on sz I-9 to K-10.5. Colors: 1.

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discount price: $5.35/100 g hank

K1C2 2nd Time Cotton Recycled Yarn description: 2nd Time Cotton yarn is carded and spun from new textile waste originating in the apparel and textile industry. Using recycled cotton contributes to the conservation and global reutilization of product... more...