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Istex Lopi Yarns

Einband Lopi Yarn

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$5.75 for 8+

100% Icelandic Wool. 273 (250 m)yds/ea, 1488yds/lb. Setts: 10 tabby, 12-13 twill. Gauge: B-J hook. Colors: 46.

Einband Lopi description: Einband is a beautiful singles spun from 100% new Icelandic Wool, Einband by Lopi is a good choice for lighter weight yet warm sweaters, lace shawls or accessories, or as an interesting add-along to lend body and strength t... more...

Jöklalopi (Bulky lopi) Yarn

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$8.50 for 8.00+

100% Icelandic Wool. 66yds/ea, 299yds/lb. Gauge: K: 1.5-3 stitches/in on sz 9 to 13 • C: 1.25-2.25 stitches/in on sz M-13 and up. Colors: 9.

Jöklalopi (Bulky lopi) description: Jöklalopi, is the bulkiest of all the Lopi yarns (also referred to as Bulkylopi). This chunky 100% Icelandic Wool is an exceptionally warm singles that features all the strength, durability, breathability and in... more...